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So How does one earn free XBox 360 goods, and is it legit? When I first stumbled across a banner advertising free XBox 360 goods I was intrigued, but also skeptical. The banner belonged to a site known as Points2Shop. I clicked the banner and read up on how I could obtain free XBox 360 Goods. Everything I read sounded legit, but I needed more proof. Seeking more proof, I started clicking on many of the users profiles. What I saw in their profiles were pictures of items they had redeemed with the points they were earning. Some of the items they were earning included: XBox live memberships, Microsoft points, XBox 360 games & XBox 360 counsols.


Signing Up

Is Points2Shop Free? The answer is yes. The registration and the points you earn are free. How do you earn points? Points are earned by filling out offers/surveys & weekly lottery’s etc. Points2Shop is a safe and legit way to earn free XBox 360 goods. For a more in depth incite on how Points2Shop Works visit my websites.


Signing up couldn’t be easier. As I said in the intro, registration is completely free. The registration process takes just minutes to complete. You’ll be asked to create a username, password, as well as an email address you want to use. And that’s it. Once your registered, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Confirming will enable you to gain full use of the site’s many features. You will also be given 250 points just for confirming your email. The 250 point bonus is only for those who live in the US/UK.

After Signing up

After signing up you can immediately start earning points. There are various ways to earn points, such as filling out surveys & daily contests. Once you have enough points to buy what you want, you can redeem your item by clicking on the “Spend Points” tab on the Points2Shop website. All items are bought via


Points can be earned various ways. Filling out surveys, games, monthly contests, and daily lottery’s are just a few of the ways to earn points. Like I said before, this is completely free. I recently made my first purchase using some of the points I earned, and I paid nothing. I received the item I ordered within 2 weeks of the purchase date. Click this link to for more info on points.


If you still not convinced Points2Shop is legit, visit a few of my websites. On there, are multiple images of items other users have redeemed using the points they earned.

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Click  the image to go to the registration page.

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