Fun Things to Do in Minecraft

A list of fun things to do in Minecraft when your board or just looking for something fun to do.

1. Upgrade your shelter! There are plenty of ways you can upgrade your shelter like building a wall, building a farm, and just making it bigger.

2. Install some mods! There are a bunch of mods you can download to make minecraft better.

3. Make auto repair buildings and bridges using water, lava, and pistons.

4. Build a building that expands and contrasts with the flick of a lever using sticky pistons.

5. Build real life buildings like skyscrapers and castles.

6. Build a building just to demolish with TNT.

7. Build redstone contraptions like traps and doorbells.

8. Build a combination lock on your shelter to make sure your the only person who gets in. (You need redstone dust and torches, blocks and levers.)

9. Build amazing things to impress your friends.

10. Go on-line and build even bigger buildings with help!

Click here to see my minecraft castle for ideas!

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