Game Review- Realm of The Mad God (Free!)

Maim! Kill! Burn! Time to take a look at chaos incarnate!

WTF is it?

What’s Realm of The Mad God? According to the game itself, it’s a fantasy co-op shooter; the developers are lying though. It’s actually an overly addictive, compulsive, and chaotic bullet hell MMO. You live to die — there’s no survival, no second chance; only a cruel, unforgiving world and a (magnificent!) permadeath function. 


You heard me — once you die, you’re dead. That character that you spent so long on? It’s gone. Forever. Now, when you die, not all is lost; your items will drop on the ground. But then again, it’s still lost to you, because anyone can loot it, and in this selfish, selfish game, everyone will. That’s not to say that dying is bad though — by dying, you can unlock classes, gain honor, and even (if you’re good enough) find yourself on the leaderboard!


Every good game has a unique feature, something that distinguishes it from the crowd. In Realm Of The Mad God, it’s the Nexus. It is the center of all the realms, the safe zone, and the place to waste your money on micro-transactions. I cannot count the number of times where hitting the F5 button has saved me, leaving me hurt, bruised, flashing red, and undignified, but alive. And that reminds me, back to the microtransactions. You pay for them with Honor (or coins bought with real money), and they give you all sorts of cool things. Despite this, Realm of The Mad God is not a P2W — this game is one of the few that actually manage to do microtransactions correctly.

It’s A Selfish World

Sure, the game has no PVP, and its all about the players teaming together to defeat the Mad God. But you know what? Calling it co-op is just a horrendous, perverted version of the phrase. Everyone playing this game cares about themselves, and only themselves. The community must be one of the most anti-social in the game — all you’ll ever hear is short, cryptic communications between people. Mostly, people are running around killing the minibosses that sprout out faster than a rabbit can make babies, or they are in dungeons where no one else can hear them. Later in the game, people are quite helpful. But in the start? It’s all about I (or in this case, you) — I want the loot, I want the experience, I want, I want, I want. Which is exactly why I then die a few minutes later.

Final Verdict: A great game, and even better, a great waste of time!

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Liked it
  1. Posted February 10, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    I hate perma-death games, they make me rage when I die :(

  2. Posted February 10, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    same. Any rage less than Gaiden-rage no longer bothers me though :P

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