Hardcore Modern Warfare2 Tips

Hardcore Modern Warfare2/Mw2 tips.

HardCore Modern Warfare 2 Tips

Have you ever needed help in the Call of duty hardcore games? Well look no further as this guide is to help those in need of tips in hardcore. Hardcore is when the HUD (heads up display) is not showing and you have lowered health, and oh yeah, guns do more damage. First you need a class just for hardcore, this class will most likely be different from the other classes that you have.

So you have made your own class just for hardcore. Good job, this is the right way to getting good. Now you must customize the class to your liking but WAIT! There is a catch. You can only pick a limited range of guns. Why you ask, the guns you want to use in hardcore are guns that kill in one shot. Guns that work well are the AUG H-Bar, Scar-H, FAL, RPD, and the ump-45.For your secondary you will most likely want to go with a machine pistol such as the Raffica, if you don’t then do not go with a launcher and those are almost no use to you. In hardcore you want to put emphasis on stealth, so your perks should be cold-blooded and ninja. Your first tier perk can be that of your liking, preferably marathon or bling as the guns you hopefully picked will kill in one shot and scavenger will be of no use to most people. With that taken care of let us take a look at our equipment, a grenade or claymore works fine, unless you want silence with a throwing knife.

So your set should look like this:

Primary weapon: AUG H-bar/SCAR-H/UMP .45

Secondary weapon: Raffica/PP2000/SPAS-12

Equipment: Claymore/grenade

Tier1 perk: Marathon/Bling

Tier2 perk: Cold-blooded

Tier3 perk: Ninja

Now for your kill streaks. You will want a combo that is easily achievable at your level yet be helpful to you and your team. For a beginner I would recommend the UAV, Care package, and predator missile. For an intermediate player I would recommend the Predator missile, Harrier, and the Pave-low/Chopper gunner. For the hardcore gamer that wants a nuke then it’s the Harrier, Chopper gunner, and nuke.

Now the tips:

-Remember you have lower health so use cover and stay low.

-You are not Rambo, you do not live in every 1v1000 battle scenario

-The weapons you choose to wield is important, a weapon with the ability to one shot kill is better than a weapon that needs more than one

-Help your team when they need it

-Stay alert

-Don’t camp in an area for too long

With those tips in your mind you will do just fine in hardcore Call of Duty.

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