How to Catch Genesect in Pokemon Black and White

Is bug lovin’ on the menu? Then you’ll want to get the heavy metal Genesect on your team. Find out how to catch Genesect in Pokemon Black and White!

The ’secret’ pokemon of Pokemon Black and White, Genesect is a gun-totin’ buckaroo with a lot of firepower to back up its slick looks. It’s no surprise that every Pokemon trainer wants to get their mitts on the varmint.

After you’ve completed the main game of Pokemon Black and White and have caught the other legendary pokemon in the game – Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, but none of the downloadable creatures – head to Nuvema Town. Professor Oak of the original games will be waiting there for you in Professor Juniper’s lab.

After a quick introduction, Oak will tell you that he needs some help. What’s left of Team Plasma, headed by Ghetsis, has relocated to Kanto and taken over his laboratory, along with the rest of Pallet Town. Oak needs someone to liberate the town, and he has you and Bianca take up the job. Agree and he’ll ask to meet you in Mistralton Town. Go there and a plane will be waiting; talk to Oak out front to hop in.

After a short flight you’ll appear in Pallet Town (though, sadly, it’s closed off – no exploring the rest of Kanto). The town is overrun by Team Rocket Grunts, and you’ll have to move from house to house, beating them off. Once you’ve gotten rid of the lot of them – their pokemon are in the 60s, so be ready for some decent scraps – go to Oak’s lab, which was previously blocked off. Save before you enter.

Inside you’ll find Ghetsis, who has a new surprise to try and stop you: Genesect. The big pokemon is too much for Ghetsis to control, however, and it breaks free of its Poke Ball and attacks you. You need to face it in battle. Despite its high level (80) and powerful attacks, Genesect isn’t that tough to catch – so long as you move quickly. After ten or so turns it will use Selfdestruct to instantly kill itself, ending the battle. Toss a Quick Ball to start, and if that doesn’t work use a weak fire-type move to bring its HP down before going for a capture. It has roughly the same catch rating as Reshiram and Zekrom from earlier in the game.

Once you have Genesect, Ghetsis will curse you and escape from the town, swearing revenge. Whether he’ll get it is an issue likely to be addressed in Pokemon Grey, whenever that comes out.

… or this could all have been fake. April Fools! (Hopefully this gets posted in time!)

Seriously, though, you don’t get Genesect at this point unless you cheat. It will likely be involved as part of a downloadable event sometime in the future.

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