How to Get Dogs/wolves in Minecraft

A quick tutorial on how to tame a wolf on the popular sandbox game, Minecraft.

In the newest Minecraft patch (1.4) the creator of the popular java sandbox game has added wolves. These canine companions can help you fight and explore your beautiful randomly generated world. Wolves deal 1.5 – 2 damage and attack quickly. Just a few wolves can easily take down enemy mobs quickly. Wolves can also be great companions while exploring the sometimes lonely world.

If you have not already you need to update your Minecraft to the latest version for this to work. 

The first step to getting a wolf in Minecraft is to get some bones. Bones are required to tame dogs. The amount of bones needed to tame a dog is random but you can normally expect to use about 2-5 per dog tamed. Skeletons will drop 0 – 3 bones upon death. Skeletons are killed by sunlight, so walking around in the morning is a good way of finding bones. Mob grinders and cave exploring will also work.

Once you have enough bones you are ready to go searching for a wolf. Wolves spawn in packs of 1 – 8 (8 is rare) on grass with enough light (light level 7). Wolves are most commonly found in forest and taiga (snow forest)  biomes but can be found in any biome accept desert. Wolves will only spawn in 24 or more blocks away from you so keep in constant motion to find more of them. Wolves can take a long time to find but if you continue looking you will find some eventually. Wolves take up space in your passive mob limit so you may be able to increase their spawn rate by killing other passive mobs (cows, sheep, etc.).

When you have found a wolf, put your bones in your hand and right click on the wolf until hearts float out.

Warning: Do not left click on the dog with the bone. It’s eyes will turn red and it will start to attack you. Right click on the dog with the bones.

You can tell that the wolf is tamed by the thin red collar around its neck and the slight change in its eyes. Your dog will now follow you. Right clicking on your dog will cause it to sit and not follow you. Right clicking it again will cause it to follow you again. Attack any enemy or passive mob with melee (not arrows or TNT) and your dog will start attacking it assuming it is not sitting. If you are attacked by an enemy your dog will attack it even if it is sitting. You can tell the health of your wolf by the height of it’s tail. The higher its tail the more health it has. You can heal your dog by right clicking on it with a porkchop or cooked porkchop in your hand. Do not feed your dog bread. It will harm or even kill your dog. 

Wolves have bad pathing and will sometimes walk into lava, cacti or off cliffs. Wolves can be pushed through doors but will now walk through doors on their own. Dogs cannot walk up ladders. If you walk to far away from a dog that is not sitting it will teleport to you. 

You can repeat these steps to continue to tame wolves until you have about 15 – 20. After that no more wolves will spawn.

I hope this tutorial helped you tame a wonderful canine companion. 

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  1. Shifty
    Posted September 11, 2012 at 6:00 am

    I got lonely in my single player world, so i made myself 2 stacks of 64 torches to go explore and leave a trail to go find a dog. My house and base of operations was based in an Extreme Hills biome, so wolfs generally didnt spawn there. I embarked on my journey at night. After lots of walking/running i got to a Plains biome. i continued to follow a general direction so it wouldnt be too hard to find my way back. After a while i got to a biome with lots of trees, but not tall trees. Here it got hard to orientate myself due to the lack of visibility the trees cause me, so I changed my direction a bit to base my trail off following a river. It had already become daylight. I now found myself in the fringe between a forest and a plains biome. I decided to change over to the forest’s river fringe. Soon after that i found a pack of wolves. I rushed over to them, they cowered away, being shy of me. I gently walked up to one, took out my 10 bones i packed with me. I fed the first wolf 2 bones and it became friendly, i moved to the next one, and it devoured the rest of my 8 bones without becoming friendly. This was okay. I now named my dog Chiko. Me and Chiko embarked on our journey back. It was still day so finding the torches was a challenge. We have collected 4 until It was too bright to find any more. I panicked, thinking we’re lost. I decided to keep my composure and wait til nightfall. As soon as the sun had set, I could see a torch in the distance. We started sprinting trying to collect all of them before it daylight came again. The minecraft song: “Haggstorm” started to play. This awoke a feeling of joy of now having a companion in the lonely world. Soon me and Chiko could see the lights from my house from a distance. We rushed home. I fed him a beef steak for being able to keep up. Great adventures await me and Chiko.

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