How to Get Free DLC on PS3!

Are you tired of paying for DLC on your PS3? Well, you aren’t alone. The amount you spend can really add up over time. But now is your opportunity to get DLC absolutely free!

So how can I get free DLC on PS3?

Believe it or not, getting free dlc is extremely easy to do. You will first be sent to a website called Points2shop. This may seem like painfully time consuming and boring survey site, but is actually much better than that, as there are tons of great ways for you to earn easy, quick cash. Points2shop allows you to gain virtual “currency” through completing free offers/surveys, playing games, competing in daily contests, inviting your friends to the site, and tons of other ways. This just requires a few hours of dedicated work from you, and maybe even less than that. Once you have accumulated enough points from completing the variety of tasks provided by Points2shop, then it is time for you to go to the rewards section and redeem your PlayStation Network Card, needed for your download content (dlc). What this site will do is use the money that you earned, once you request your prize, and use it to order your free PSN cards (needed to purchase your download content), directly from Amazon will then have the PSN card codes e-mailed to you within a day or less! To request your free PlayStation Network cards to get free dlc through Points2Shop, just click on the spend points tab, search for your reward (PSN), add it to your shopping cart, and click the purchase rewards button. It really is that simple, free, and literally anyone can do it!

After you sign up, there will be a confirmation sent to your e-mail. When you click the confirmation, you will receive a free bonus of 250 points ($2.50), which is a great start in helping you to achieve your goal.

So, is this really free? Is it legal?

Yes this is 100% free of charge to you. Free PSN cards needed for dlc can be yours free by following the steps that will be mentioned above. For proof regarding that the website is real, sign up below and take a look at the thousands of proof pictures and testimonials located on their website.

Yes, this is absolutely legal. Advertisers and individuals will pay Points2Shop for you to complete different, free tasks. In return, when the site gets paid, you are given a large portion of that. With what you earn, you can request the PSN cards needed from the sites store, as they then purchase the codes and send them for you. For being in business over 3.5 years, it should be quite obvious that this is not a scam and that it is most definitely legal.

Brief summary – What is dlc?

DLC, also referred to as “download content” are the extras that you pay for through the PlayStation store. Some examples of dlc would be additional arcade games, add-Ons, map packs, demos, etc. In order to get this download content, it requires the use of PSN codes. Once again, mentioned above will explain how you can get the free PSN card codes needed to get your free download content (dlc).

So wait no longer! Click here to sign up today for your free dlc on PS3!

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