How to Headshot – Crossfire

A guide on how to headshot on the FPS game Crossfire.

Do you know how to headshot? I mean, its really easy. Do, you know how though? Well I am going to teach you how.

This is a far away head shot!  Do you know how to do it? Well, you have to be far away obviously. You can use a sniper to make it really easy or use your gun. In this picture I was gunned. Quickly get out of hiding aim at their head and boom. Thats not that hard. It is really easy when the person is standing still. That makes it easier.

Headshotter: -Juice   

The easiest head shot ever is probably a close up one. Why? Well if you shoot close up then you can aim at their head easier. You can use a pistol if you want, but I would prefer a gun, like a rifle! Ok, in this picture I was hit close.  The shooter did this by hiding behind a crate and when he heard my footsteps he predicted where my head will be got out of the hiding spot and shot. Yea, its that easy. Whats even easier if the person is behind you so then you can just head shot them. Remember to press shift so you are walking so they can’t hear your footsteps!

Head shooter: – Juice

Make sure you dodge a head shot, whenever you see a person jump so you don’t get hit with a head shot. Once that is done, get them back with the new tips you learned! I failed on this one! 

He is a pro head shotter! He learned from me!

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