How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

In Minecraft beds are great for skipping those long, boring seven minute nights. I will show you how to craft one in this article.

Firstly you’ll want to find a well lit, safe place to locate your bed where evil mobs cannot get in during the night.  For if mobs do get in during the night they will wake you and you’ll have to fight them.  Once you have found an ideal location for a bed follow the steps below to craft one:

1.  Collect three wool.  It can be any color, and different colors can be mixed.  If you don’t already know, you can collect wool by clicking on sheep that carry wool.  The sheep with drop either one, two or three blocks of wool for you to pick up.  The number dropped in completely random, so you might only need to harvest one sheep to get three wool, or three sheep.

2.  Obtain three wooden planks.  If you don’t already know, you craft wooden planks out of logs, and you get logs from trees.  Once you have cut down a log, put it in one slot of your crafting table and collect the wooden planks it produces.  One log crafts four planks remember!

3.  On your crafting table put wooden planks in the bottom three slots and wool in the three slots above.  It will look like this, and produce a bed:

Drag the bed out of the slot in the right, then place it somewhere safe in your house.  To move the bed mine it by left clicking (as you mine any material) and to sleep in it right click on it.  Remember you can only sleep in beds during the night!

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