How to Make a Door in Minecraft

Doors are key tools in Minecraft, as they are the only object to prevent mobs from gaining access to your home while still letting you access it easily. In this article I’ll show you how to make a door – Its really very simple!

1.  Craft six wooden planks.  You can do this by dragging raw wood from your inventory onto your crafting table then removing the planks, like so:

2.  Since every block of wood makes four planks, you’ll need to make at least eight planks for one door.  Once you have done that take six of those planks and arrange them on your crafting table in this fashion:

3.  Drag the door out of the box on the right and into your inventory.  You can now place the door in any space two blocks high, and open it by simply clicking on it.

Making a steel/metal door is very much the same, except you replace the wooden planks with bars of steel/iron ingots.  However there are two differences in the steel door that are rather significant:

•You cannot open a steel door by clicking on it – It must be activated either via a button, lever or pressure plate.  

•Steel doors are not flammable.

Wondering how to make torches in Minecraft?  Click here for a tutorial on crafting torches.

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