How to Make San Andreas Multiplayer Server (Sa-mp)

A simple tutorial for those who whant to make a simple sa-mp server.

Let’s get started… 

1. Download

First step is just go to and download windows (or linux) server files.

2. Extract

When you download the files axtract them anywhere you want.

3. Server.cfg

Open the folder and you should find file called server.cfg wich you can open with notepad.

rcon_password is the password wich you can use in game to login as admin and kick players.
maxplayers you can limit number of players to anything you like. (maximum is 500) 
hostname name of your server .
weburl website of anything that you want actually.

4. Launch

To launch the server you just simply open samp-server.bat file and if your internet is good enough it should show up on servers list.

5. Extra

If you want some extra information, gamemodes, filescripts and so on… Go to

This is the end of tutorial. To make a simple server isn’t that hard, but to make it original, well thats something else… 

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