How to Set Up Basic Life Support in Garrys Mod Space Build Three

How to set up your battry power, oxygen, and funnel it into your ship for a safe space flight! The seven steps in the tutorial( along with the pictures provided by me) will assist you in making your own space capable ship!

If you are reading this that means that you probably need help setting up your ships life support! This little “guide” will help you set up basic but effective life support for a small vessel.

Step 1: Under your CAF menu, click the generator option, and spawn a wind turbine, as you can see I picked a small wind turbine.

Step 2: Spawn a medium resource node and put it near your turbine.

As you can see here, nothing is happening! The node IS NOT hooked up to the generator!

Step 3: Using the Link Tool, link the turbine to the node.

It now has energy, but the little energy it has is stored in the turbine, so you won’t be able to reach your full potential of energy.

Step 4: Spawn a battery, I chose a large on so I could store a lot more, and link it up.

Once it is linked up, the turbine Will begin to generate A LOT of energy fairly quickly. Power is important for your ship, and producing the oxygen that you are going to need!

Step 5: Spawn an oxygen compressor. Make sure you link it up, then walk over to it and turn it on so it can produce oxygen. This process will use a small amount of energy, but the turbine will quickly replenish whatever is lost.

Step 6: Build yourself an oxygen tank to store the oxygen that is being produced!

You are now storing the two most vital resources you will need to survive in space. At this point (if you have not already) you will need to make a ship that can fly into space. Remember to place a node on it and a small oxygen tank and battery for storage, then hook the node up to your ship.

Step 7: You need to link the nodes together, between the ship and the one allowing the oxygen and power to be produced. Once they are hooked up, if done correctly, your ship will soon receive the resources, then you can unlink the two nodes and you are ready to fly out in space. Please remember you will need to replenish resources often.

This will serve as our ship ( I was to lazy to make one so like the boxes )

The nodes are linked and transferring.

The ship has the resources gathered and stored. Happy space building!


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