How to Spend More Time with Game Addicted Boyfriend?

Have you ever had a boyfriend who was addicted to games? Was it Xbox 360, PS3, wii, or the computer? Was it so bad that he rather play hours and hours of games than spend one hour with you? From personal experience I have dealt with this in a relationship. At first it was putting a big barrier on our relationship but I have learned some ways to spend more time with your game addictive boyfriend.

1.        If you want to spend more time with him then you need to put all your ducks in a row before you do anything. Many game addictive people always need something to keep them entertained if you take them away from their game and have nothing fun planned or entertaining don’t expect them to have a great time. So think of a fun activity here are some ideas that gets them away from the computer for a couple of hours!

-          Outside activities ( walking, playing a game, biking, etc)

-          Inside – ( board game, a movie they like, crafts)

-          Go out and do something; when everything else fails sex will always get them away for a little bit.

2.       Find a hobby you both enjoy doing together, this can be fun for the both of you and gets them away from the computer.  So explore different hobbies that you both can enjoy together and he doesn’t have the urge to run to the computer. Always make things fun, don’t sit there and tell them how they are always on the computer you can only do that for so long before they start to ignore whatever is coming out for your mouth.

3.       Many games these days are multi players. So join the game with them, yes even if the game sounds not very interesting at all give it a chance you will be surprised that you may end up being addicted too. This will give you both quality times together, while playing games he loves and you may end up loving. I found this to be a great way to spend time with my game addictive boyfriend. So give it a shot.

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