It’s Not Too Late to Power Up Your Pokemon

While playing Firered have you ever been frustrated and regretted yourself for not powering up your Pokemon team just after you reach the door of The Elite Four HQ? I’ve felt like that a lot of times. The problem is we don’t think of a solution. If you have thought of one congrats. And I thought of one too.

Hi I’m Vijay Rajasekar. I’ve been playing Pokemon right from the day Blue was released. Even now i’m playing Soulsilver.

For facing the Elite Four I will recommend this team and moves:Pokemon                Level    Required attacks
Charizard    - Lv 55 (Blast Burn, Fly or Wing Attack, Flame Thrower, BrickBreak) Nidoking     – Lv 53 (Surf, Shock Wave, Megahorn, Blizzard)Wigglytuff   – Lv 55 (Strength, Mega Punch, Psybeam, Psychic)Hitmonchan   – Lv 52 (Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Sky Upper Cut)Lapras       – Lv 55 (Surf, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump)Pidgeot      - Lv 55 (Fly, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack)

Well some of you might be think “Where does Wigglytuff come into this?” or “Change the title before someone sees”. I can tell what you think(because I’m somewhat of a Psychologist. But I included Wigglytuff because of its Psychic Moves that can be used against Agatha Cristie (Is that her name??)and its good base HP (It’s base HP was 204 at Lv 40). The Pokemon you will mainly use are Lapras, Hitmonchan, and Nidoking. As for the second question I HAVEN’T GOT TO THE POINT YET.
Well, as for the powering up guide I’ll tell the story of how I trained up my Lapras and Hitmonchan. FLASHBACK TIME:
I was a young trainer (A quite foolish one) I used to blast off Gym Trainers in one hits using the combined power of my Charizard and Nidoking. Enemy trainers ran helter skelter after seeing me. I kept powering up my above said Pokemon along with Pidgeot and Wigglytuff. When I beat my Rival Scaredycat (I was the one who gave the name for the rival)at Silph building I talked to the man next to him and got a prize Lapras. After taking out Giovanni’s Pokemon in one hits using my Nidoking’s Blizzard and Surf and getting the Master Ball, I went to the Fighting Dojo and took out everybody using my Wigglytuff’s Psychic and Psybeam. And I chose Hitmonchan…
You might be thinking why I chose Hitmonchan. If you want to know why train it to level 26 after you get it. It’s a surprise. You won’t believe yourself.
For the speedy training the thing you have to use is

                                                            The Vs. Seeker

 You will understand now I s’pose. This is mighty easy if you have a Pokemon that knows Fly. If you want to train Hitmonchan, choose which of its elemental punches (the above said surprise. You get all three at Lv. 26) you want to use. For example the Thunder Punch can be used against Bird Keepers or Swimmers. Where do you find Bird Keepers? To the west of Fuchsia City. Where do you find Swimmers? In the southern waters of Fuchsia City. Thus training like this helps you increase your Pokemon’s Levels quickly and therefore blast off the Elite Four. This method can be used  for any of the Pokemon games that features a Vs. Seeker. The Recharging is not a big deal. One trip to the Pokemon Center and back again will be more than enough. It took me just one hour to train up my Hitmonchan from Level 25 to Level 56. You can do this training if you feel your team isn’t powerful enough or just for fun.
Hope you found this useful.
Regards,Vijay Rajasekar

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  1. twigs45
    Posted April 3, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Pokemon should never have two attack moves of the same type, its completely pointless

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