Karma League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Karma League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

About this Guide (Read Me First!)

Quick Reference Section Disclaimer!

1. Items listed in the build list above, the masteries, and the runes, are NOT intended to universally be the only proper way to build for Karma or even remotely close to it. That’s what the full guide is for… hence its name. There is a more detailed quick-reference guide available at the end of the Build chapter. Both it and the above general guidelines are there for those of you who randomly got assigned Karma because you were in the bathroom during champion selection and now you’re desperately trying to figure out what to do, or you’re just curious and tinkering around but don’t want to read the full novel that is to follow.

2. Additionally and very importantly, Karma is not Janna or Sona or Soraka (as hard as it is for some people to accept that). She should neither be played the same way nor built in the same fashion so please do not downvote this guide because I did not copy/paste a Sona or Janna guide and change the name of it to Karma. Do not post in the comments: “No Gp5? Fail :( ” Those concerns have been raised and addressed repeatedly to the satisfaction, approval, and enthusiastic agreement of both vet and pro players. Look around, can you find any Karma guides that recommend GP5 items? Any? Have you ever even seen a Karma build GP5, much less build GP5 and win? There are currently no high elo Karma players who dispute that Gp5 is a sub-optimal build path for Karma with the rare situational exception of Kage’s Lucky Pick. Do not downvote the guide without playing Karma or reading the guide just because you don’t see a phil stone in the quick-reference section. If you do so, you automatically deligitimize both your integrity and credibility so prepare to have people jump all over you in the comments section just as they have to past trolls.

Woohoo! Now that that’s over, on to the fun stuff!!! :)


I had 5 main goals in composing this guide for playing Karma:

1) I have attempted to make this guide as friendly to new players (”newbies, “noobs”) as possible. If you’re new to the game, welcome! Whenever I use acronymns in this guide, I have tried to elaborate upon what those mean. For example: I might say “oom” but then explain that this means “out of mana.” If you see some word or phrase that you don’t understand, do feel free to ask, or if you see something I need to elaborate on, totally feel free to point it out!

2) I have attempted to make this what the name suggests: the comprehensive guide to Karma. This means that I include all Karma-relevant information. It also means that I attempt to always justify my choices where I am rigid (which isn’t often) and keep an open stance on things where there is plenty of room for personal preference or situational adaptation. Sometimes I do this with graphs, sometimes by typing my reasons, but especially with regard to picks which could be controversial. This makes the guide a little long but I definitely view it as a positive thing.

3) If you ask me to explain a choice in my guide which I haven’t explained or if you ask why I didn’t allocate some resource differently, I will read what you write with an open mind. One user who has been great about this is Jebus McAzn. If you look at the change log and the comments section, you’ll see he got me thinking about several things I hadn’t fully explained or thought through and his insights resulted in several changes and additions to the guide. I would like for this to be a great venue for talking about Karma’s play and build strategy. If you post a comment, you can absolutely expect a reply from me… maybe not in a timely fashion, but it’ll come!

4) I have attempted to create this guide with as much integrity and respect for other users and the mobafire/League of Legends community as possible. With that in mind, in any screenshot I’ve posted which reveals any scores, I’ve censored summoner names. Additionally, I haven’t made mention of any other Karma guides except to highlight their strengths, nor will I ever personally downvote or publicly encourage the downvoting of any other Karma guides.

5) For those first three reasons, I have presented an extensive amount of information here… which I know can make it difficult to find things. I have attempted to present the information in this guide in the most logical order and form possible. If you check the Change Log you will see that I move things around all the time to present things in a more concise way and make it easier for a person to find the information they need within the guide without inadvertently spending too much time reading things that they don’t need.


With that in mind, here is a general outline of the guide. If you are looking for something in particular, this will help you find it. If you are looking to read it fairly thoroughly, but don’t have time for the full novel, this will help you figure out which parts are, I think, most important or most relevant to you.

1. About this Guide (Read Me First!) This is what you are reading right now. It is recommended reading.

2. Why does Karma need another guide? This section explains why I originally decided to write this guide, my general feelings about Karma, and why I think other people should want to play her. It is optional reading.

3. General Game Basics In order to discuss abilities within the context of different stages of the game while still staying newbie-friendly, I’ve included a section on game basics. Basically this section outlines the various stages of the game so that the terms I use in my contextual discussions later “laning,” “turn,” “ganking,” “pushing,” etc. will make sense. This section is recommended reading if you are below level 25. It is not intended to be comprehensive by any means.

For a more comprehensive introduction for new players, this is a better resource

For players over level 25 looking to amp up their knowledge of the game even more, this is a better resource

4. Runes This is recommended reading but not essential.

5. Summoner Skills This is essential reading.

6. Build This is essential reading.

7. Abilities (Base Stats) Because Karma’s skills can each be combined with Mantra to create “super skills” as it were, it does not make sense to talk about each one in isolation. Where normally builds have one section for “Abilities,” I’ve split my discussion of abilities up into 2 sections. One gives base stats for each of her actives Heavenly Wave, Spirit Bond, and Soul Shield, as well as her passive Inner Flame and the cooldown stats for Mantra. This is optional reading.

8. Gameplay (Use of Abilities) The other of those two sections, this one explains the use of these actives and passives within the context of different phases of the game. This is essential reading.

9. Masteries: Abbreviated Explanation This is optional reading.

10. General Notes Noteworthy little tips and tricks. This is optional reading.

11. Karma 501 – Support This is highly nuanced information which I think will primarily be useful for players who play as Karma a lot. This is optional reading and I suggest you play around with Karma for awhile and decide if you like her before spending the time to read this. This section also addresses in greater depth some of the “metagame ranked” questions like “should I babysit [x-champion]?” or “Why not gold per 5 core items?” etc.

12. Karma 502 – Carrying This section is under construction. I’m doing some testing with some intentional carrying as Karma (yes, I understand, she wasn’t designed to be a carry, for this to make sense contextually you’ll have to read the guide and see what I’m talking about) and I need a couple other high elo Karma players to help me out with testing. So far Duskmelt and I have been working on it. If you are interested in helping out, please send me a private message or add me in game and talk to me there. Until this section is finished, I recommend people Skip it.

13. Assorted Charts & Figures / Base Stats This is every other little bit of previously uncategorized data that I recorded from her attack speed to her flat HP stats throughout the game, you name it. I didn’t want this stuff to go to waste but it’s not really that important. This is optional reading.

14. The Elo Matching System This is optional reading.

15. Change Log This is a log of all changes to the guide since its creation. It’s obviously optional reading.

16. Status of this Guide The latest news for the guide including new upcoming changes and features can all be found here. This is usually a fast read and is recommended reading.

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