Karma League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Karma League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

Why does Karma need another guide?

First of all, why should you want to play Karma? Good question. Let me ask you… Would you like to play a character whose potentials are so diverse that she can run the range from tank to full AP mage? Would you like to play a character who does relatively high amounts of damage that put her on par with any other character in the game while also doing 25 to 50 thousand in healing each round (that number doesn’t include her shielding) and having so much health and armor and a slow so effective you can be chased all the way across the map and still arrive safely home? Do you hate recalling while pushing and love seeing your team mates’ health start going UP in a team fight? Do you want to play a character who can get double first blood against Mordekaiser and Malphite with no help from your lagged-out laning partner BEFORE the minions even spawn? Or who can dominate Ashe or Caitlyn in the middle? Whose passive ability turns her into – hands down – the best bait character in the entire game? If you answered “yes” to all of those, Karma just might be a good character for you. Everyone thinks the’s aweful so nobody plays her but she’s actually insanely overpowered. If people ever learn how to play her, she’s in for a nerfing.

Secondly, am I even qualified to write a guide on Karma? You can be the judge…

Now a word of caution… that was when I first tried out Karma. After the streak you see there (in which I had 18 wins and 3 losses), the matching system compensated by bumping my Elo rating massively and began matching me with mainly opponents with around 600 wins (or with terrible team mates – see more info about the Elo matching system below if curious). For reference, at the time I had about 90 wins and was a level 21. My WLR (win to loss ratio) has since stabilized… and understandably so, as I’m a recreational gamer now playing against people for whom League of Legends is their entire life and getting matched with the kind of team mates who run off to “defend the turret” from minions when pushing. This is the steep downside to being too successful with a character for too long, I can’t play with many of the champs I used to play with anymore or experiment very freely because my Elo rating is so high. At my current Elo score, I am guaranteed a loss unless I play with Karma because the average player I’m up against has 6 or 7 times as much experience with this game as I do. Part of that is a testament to how incredible and how underrated Karma is. Do expect the matching system to do the same thing to you if you become too good at a particular character. I’d caution you: if you discover you easily get wins with a character, use that character sparingly or else the same thing will happen to you and the only way you’ll be able to try out new characters is to make a nerfed account OR lose so much that your Elo score re-adjusts downwards… and we all know how lame those options are. Click here for continued reading about the matchmaking system. I also elaborate on the mathematical meaning of what’s discussed in there at the end of this guide.

Secondly, why am I writing a guide? Well… the impression I’ve gotten is that people generally do not understand how Karma works. I never see anyone else try to play her. Moreover, players generally expect anyone who plays as Karma to be terrible and play foolishly against her. This gives any good karma player a huge built-in advantage, but it is an indicator to me that there simply are not many other good Karma players out there… I’ve perused many of the other guides on Karma and I’ve found that while all of them tend to offer some great hints and tips, most of them are written by players for whom Karma is not their primary character. For me, she is.

Karma is a relatively new addition to the game, which you would think might account for the fact that very few people play her or have experience playing against her… but I think there’s more to it than that. Unlike other new characters like Maokai and Renekton, she in particular seems to have developed a reputation for being a useless and weak character. As I said above, this is a huge advantage. I never ceased to be amazed at how over-confidently opponents will lane against me early on. But it indicates that, for whatever reason, people do not understand how effective Karma can be and how to play her properly.

Karma became my primary character as the result of lag. Yes, you read that right. Lag led me to try Karma in the first place. When I began playing, Kassadin was always my character of choice. I often played with Hatazzb, one of the best Soraka players out there period, and his healing and mana boosts combined with the get-out-of-anything rift-walk made playing Kass effortless and natural for me. However, when I moved I began to have horrible lag spikes. If you’ve ever played as Kass, you are aware he is not playable in any sort of lag whatsoever (he is a speed-dependent assassin character). The lag spikes destroyed my games.

I immediately found success with Karma in part because she is far less lag-sensitive. True, you can’t bait effectively with Karma (we’ll talk about doing that later in the guide) in lag and that can destroy your laning, but in late game play you are often still able to shield and heal essential allies even as your connection deteriorates. With Kass, I’d have to back out of combat in the slightest lag. With Karma, I can stay in until my response times reach about 3 seconds (and that’s a lot of lag).

An immediate series of crushing wins laning with M4g0t confirmed that not only is Karma not as lag-sensitive, she’s also not the **** she’s commonly made out to be. In fact, her unique attributes allow her to bait like no other character in the game (something I didn’t find explored in depth in other guides), she can turn a push, pull a carry out of the jaws of certain death, mop up kills, or even lead an assault under the right cir****tances. She is, I would say, the most under-rated character in the game. Karma is not “one” of the characters I like to play as – she is absolutely my main character.

And that’s why I’m writing this guide. This a Karma guide written by a primarily Karma player. I hope you find it useful.

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