Karma League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Karma League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.


…don’t make the game any better in my opinion. Fortunately, they don’t make too big of a difference. If you’re below level 20, you shouldn’t be buying runes period. The ones available below level 20 are so impotent they make the “tier 3″ ones you get at level 20 actually look good. This guide will focus very little on runes and items and focus a LOT on appropriate game play. What follows is the obligatory discussion of runes.

For the complete guide on runes, go here.

With Karma, you really want to buy “per-level” runes if possible. Flat bonuses are worth more at the beginning of the game but usually the flat bonuses are exceeded by the per-level bonuses by the time you reach level 5 or 6 anyway (for greater glyphs of celerity at level 12). Do your math. It’s nice if but not essential that you get fed on champ kills early and the long-term benefits of per-level runes for Karma are better than the short term benefits of flat runes..

Magic Penetration is hard to come by which makes the greater marks of insight smart with most mages. For this reason, if you don’t want to buy a complete set of runes specific to Karma but want runes which are more useful in general, magic penetration marks are a smart way to go. Also, getting some raw ability power with your glyphs never hurt either and will be useful regardless of which champ you play with. There’s no “one ultimately correct” runebook configuration to go with. Be situational. Your choice depends on you and on who you are playing with.

Example runebook 1

A general mage-friendly runebook might look like this:

9 Greater Seal of Force (+16.2 AP at level 18)
9 Greater Glyph of Force (+27.54 AP at level 18)
9 Greater Mark of Insight (8.55 flat magic pen)
3 Greater Quintessence of Insight (5.67 flat magic pen)

This gives Karma a damage advantage all game, especially since you probably won’t be investing in magic penetration items, and it’s advantageous during the laning stage when you might be baiting enemies in.

Example runebook 2

Cooldown reduction doesn’t hurt either, especially when you are going into a game where you’ll be unlikely to purchase frozen heart (criteria for purchasing frozen heart are discussed in the build section). While magic pen is useful for Karma in the early stage particularly with baiting (discussed below), an alternative runebook emphasizing cooldown reduction might look something like this:

9 Greater Mark of Force (+16.2 AP at level 18)
9 Greater Seal of Force (+16.2 AP at level 18)
9 Greater Glyph of Celerity (8.1% cooldown reduction at level 18
3 Greater Quintessence of Celerity (7.02% cooldown reduction at level 18)

What NOT to take

Don’t take speed quintessences. It’s tempting… because your speed sucks to begin with and it will continue to suck well through the midgame… but you’re support and just don’t need the speed anyway, so embrace it and compensate for it by spamming your Spirit Bond in late game and by keeping your team mates alive to keep you alive.

Don’t take avarice quintessences. You’re a ranged champion with two powerful AoE casts. You should hopefully have no trouble getting enough assists and cs (minion kills) to load you with gold. This will be slightly more challenging if you lane babysitting an AD carry like Ashe because then it’s your responsibility to allow her to last hit instead of you, but you’ll have plenty of chances to clear waves throughout the game.

Don’t take health runes. We like to bait, remember? Your passive Inner Flame gets more powerful as your health drops. Also, you’re carrying heals, a shield and Flash. Survivability isn’t really a concern of ours here. You can play Karma much less conservatively than most champs and usually get away with it easily. The trouble comes when you switch back to playing a less resilient champion and have trouble curbing your aggression.

Armor runes aren’t a great plan either. In the event you find yourself needing armor, Frozen Heart is a dream item for Karma, we’ll talk about why below in the build section. It’s essentially the most protective armor in the game, and Karma has high armor base stats… so in the kind of situation where you’d need armor, your armor seals wouldn’t be doing much for you on top of that. Magic resist seals actually aren’t a bad idea on Karma… We’ll talk about why in the build section.

Anything with “attack damage,” “attack speed,” or “critical strike” in the name is also obviously a complete and total waste. Same for health regen, you’re a healer.

Final Notes

I usually go with runebook 1. My build contains multiple item options for cooldown reduction.

Also, if you have seals that specialize in defense, feel free to save IP by just using those. I like the extra AP of AP seals but it’s hardly necessary. Defensive seals don’t add a lot for Karma (except magic resist seals as mentioned above and explained in the build section) so I wouldn’t buy them just for her but if you already have them or play mostly tanky characters you’d use them for, you don’t need to go spend a ton of IP on new AP seals. Karma has high viability either way.

Also, don’t be “that guy” with your runes. You know, the one who hosts the game but won’t enter you all into the queue until he’s taken 10 minutes to think about and move his runes around accordingly. They seriously don’t make that big of a difference. You have multiple rune pages for a reason. Have one page of both of the above options if you want… just don’t be that guy that takes 10 minutes to make adjustments between each battle based on what characters his team mates say they’ll play. It is not worth it and next match you won’t even remember what runes you took last match. Pick the page closest to your goal and play.

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