Kart Rider

Kart Rider.

Name Game: Kart Rider.
Type of game: a computer game.
Genre: Sports, Action.

Game info:
KartRider is a multiplayer racing game online.
The game is free,
Away from the Premium with whom you can buy special things from the store.
Cash is money in the game you buy from real local currency.
The game has two game types:
The first type is racing with things.
This race you can take boxes of them resides in track and you get weapons, and objects with which you hit and slow down the opponent against you.
There are things that help you,
For example: Niitro brings you to a higher speed for a short time.

Type of things you can get the first game are:
Shield – When you use a shield you can not hurt anything for a short time.

Banana – The banana is something you dropped your car behind and who gets to it slides.

Missile – lock, we got lost, shooting into the direction of your opponent and punches him.

Niitro – you use it and you get a turbo for a short time.

Water bomb flying – a water bomb your enemy.

Water bomb – a huge water bomb track.

Magnet – Titmgnt to your enemy and that will slow it and you will be faster.

Spaceship – a spaceship and your enemy is slow.

Devil – a demon enemy and his right to be left that way Make all keys.

Cloud – fog makes people behind you and they do not see the runway for a short time.

Objects play in groups against groups.

Angel – use an angel and your team can not hit enemies.

Nitro harder – increasing your speed for long.

The second is a speed racing.
Your goal is to be the fastest there and work around them all.
Where to get speed,
You’re doing good Driftim,
And after a while you get Nitro.
This system and highly efficient unit, with which you can get this game type victory.

Levels in the game are like gloves that change color every few levels you up.
At level 1 you are a white glove that she picks up five fingers,
When you level up you’ll stay white but the hand up four fingers,
After you go up 5 levels changing the color of the glove, and again five fingers,
And so it goes.

Keys for the game.
Forward, left, right, backwards.

Shifta you do drift.

In CTRL you use objects that you receive.


In F4 you take a picture.

For open music press F7 to F8 to close.

Press F5 to be Ready-ready track.


The game menu.

MultiPlayer multiplayer game online.

Scenario-to challenge yourself – sort of an adventure.


Time Attack-Attack time – finish the course as you can get.

Shop-shop, the store you can buy figures, cars, automotive parts etc..





On ice.

Personal opinion:
Very cute game,
The game is built properly,
With interesting maps.
Superb graphics, not have more than one game.
I think they had to invest a bit more tracks and characters.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows ME / Windows XP / Windows 98
Memory: 256MB
Hard disk space: 600MB
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 2.
Sound card: A card that supports DircetX.

Liked it
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