Mass Effect 2: How to Recruit Legion

How to find Legion (a Geth squad member), recruit him and gain his loyalty in Mass Effect two for the Xbox 360.

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Mass Effect 2: How to get Legion

Legion is the largely unexpected and therefore much desired Geth teammate which can accompany Shepherd on his mission to save the galaxy from Collectors and Reapers alike. This guide tells the player everything they need to know on how to find Legion, recruit him and finally gain his loyalty.

Finding Legion

Shepherd will always encounter Legion when going to find the IFF in the abandoned Reaper ship, towards the end of the game (on Disc 2). Completing the “Acquire the IFF” mission will lead the Shepherd dragging Legion’s body out of the derelict ship and throwing him aboard the Normandy.

Recruiting Legion

In order to recruit Legion the player must first tell his squad that he wishes to speak with the salvaged Geth when everyone is back upon the Normandy. This leads Shepherd to the AI Core on the 3rd Deck of the ship, where he will order the guard to reactivate the Geth unit. Legion will then make his situation clear, including the fact that “he” is in fact 1,183 AI’s in one mobile unit and he is not like the other “heretic” Geth. His aim is to preserve his species and to protect them from the Reaper’s viral technology which is beginning to alter the minds of his race. Because of this Legion is willing to join Shepherd on his mission to stop the Collectors.

By recruiting Legion you will unlock the “Friend or Foe” achievement for 10G.

Gaining the Loyalty of Legion

The loyalty mission which can be completed for Legion is entitled “A House Divided”. On this mission the player must enter a Geth space station and allow Legion to decrypt a virus which is housed there. This virus can be altered in order to repair many of the heretic Geth and reverse the damage done by the Reapers, however the player can also choose to use the virus to destroy all of the heretic Geth. The loyalty of Legion is acquired by doing the former.

Notably, when both Legion and Tali’s loyalty missions have been completed they will have an argument which Commander Shepherd must diffuse by using either a Paragon or a Renegade conversation choice, thus it is advisable that the player works on obtaining a relatively high score in either before this mission is undertaken.

By gaining the loyalty of Legion you will unlock then “A House Divided” achievement, also for 10G.

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