Mincraft Best Seeds

These are my top 10 favorite seeds!

1. Glacier – this map is full of amazing structures and mountain ranges.

2. worstseedever- this map spawns you right next to a surface dungeon.

3. 10110101 – typing in this seed will spawn you in a huge world full of high ranging mountains.

4. 404 – this map will spawn you in a almost normal world but with one small catch, if you dig the gravel you will enter one of the biggest caves ever!

5. Discord – this map is for sand building or survvial puposes only! basically a HUGE desert, with few oasis’s.

6. Gargamel – this seed spawns you in a small cave, once you exit you will see the secret! 

7. Wolf –  spawns you in a big snowy tundra with lots of waterfalls and lava lakes.

8.-9028489474908844496 – spawns you in a world full of connecting floating islands!

9. Misspeak – spawns you in a huge valley full of awesome mountain ranges.

10. NotCows – spawns you in a hilly area, full of caves and resources!

Have fun!

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