Minecraft: 10 Ideas to Build Using Pistons

This article will give you a few cool ideas to practice your hand with the Minecraft pistons! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment!

Number 10: Sticky Pistons

By combining a slime ball with a piston in the crafting table, you can create sticky pistons! These are vital in any good piston contraption as they allow you to push and pull blocks! Be sure to go slime hunting before building your pistons!

Number 9: Water Spouts

By blocking a water spawn block’s path with a piston, you can control its water flow! Open the piston to stop the water, and close it to allow the water to flow again!

Number 8: Elevator

Although it would just be 1 extra block, you can make an elevator!  Just stand on a piston, and activate it to be one block higher.  This means that you can go 2 blocks instead of just 1.

Number 7: Lava Bridge

By placing pistons and a block on top of it under a layer of lava, you can make hidden lava bridges!  When activating the pistons, the path across the lava will appear, allowing you safe access across the lava!

Number 6: Hidden Passageways

Pistons are a great new addition that allows you to make doors and passageways without the need of doors! Using pistons to push blocks out of the way, you can create new openings to hidden areas!  This is one great way to utilize the pistons capabilities, because who doesn’t want a couple of cool hidden passageways in their house?

Number 5: Self-Repairing Bridge

As many people have discovered with the new pistons, you can create self repairing bridges! Type it in on YouTube to get detailed walkthroughs! No Minecraft world is complete with this awesome piston contraption!

Number 4:  Minecraft Boosters

By placing a piston behind a mine cart, you can get power without having to build fancy booster contraptions! This is the best way to get around quickly, without having to put in too much effort!

Number 3: Disappearing/Reappearing Staircases

By placing sticky pistons beside the blocks that make up your staircase, you can create disappearing staircases! Connect redstone and a switch to each of the pistons, to pull the stairs away, and place them back again! This is a great new way to test your hand at the new pistons, while creating something very cool in the process!

Number 2: Automatic TNT Cannons

Using the new pistons, TNT, and a cobblestone generator, you can make an awesome fully automatic TNT shooter!  Consult YouTube for full details on how to make it! Beware: don’t go too crazy, or else your computer may not be able to handle it!

Number 1: Traps, Traps, Traps, Traps, Traps!

Pistons give a wide array of new trap ideas to Minecraft builders! Its hard to know where to start, with its near endless capabilities! Pistons will help you build new exciting traps to kill mobs and other players.

Make sure to check out my numerous other top 10 Minecraft lists! Check out my profile on Triond.com Smokyrock!  Happy Minecrafting!

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  1. Posted January 21, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    The best thing i have made is a monster arena. with 3 levels, easy, medium, and hard, this will spawn a certain number of mosnters which drop. very neat!

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