Minecraft: 10 Things to Build with Redstone

This list includes my personal favourite Minecraft redstone creations! Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to use up some of that unwanted redstone dust.

10.  Music and Songs – With the help of music blocks and redstone circuits, some creative songs can be made.  They even have different instruments, and allow you to make chords, so you can get rather detailed with your musical creation.  With the new redstone repeaters, it is even easier to adjust the time delays and triggers to make sure your music is happening on the beat!

9.  Telegraph – Telegraphs and Morse code are neat tools of communication.  Redstone and redstone torches can be used to mimic the beeps of normal Morse code.  These isn’t a very complex creation, but requires massive amounts of redstone if you plan on making it span a long distance.  Although it has little use, it a great idea for a project.

8.  Long fuse + big explosion – This is rather self-explanatory.  Hook up a big pile of TNT up to a redstone wire. Be careful not to trigger the explosion until you are sufficiently far away!  Beware: after products include large craters, large caves and a lot of broken blocks!

7.  Arrow trap – Arrow traps are a great thing to build with redstone.  They harness the power of redstone and dispensers buy shooting arrows at mobs!  By placing pressure plates down and connecting them to the dispensers, you can make unavoidable arrow traps that will inevitably kill a lot of mobs.

6.  Combo lock – Using redstone, you can make a locking system that only opens when the right code is entered.  Using redstone repeaters and switches, you can alter which doors open and make cool traps as well.  Make sure to YouTube this one to get some awesome ideas!

5.  Automated Minecraft subway –  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a minecart with the push of a button?  With enough redstone and enough know-how, this dream becomes a reality.  If you know how to use redstone and cart track, try making a cool minecart system!

4.  Door bell – This is self-explanatory again.  Beside any door or entrance, simple attach a button to a redstone wire which leads to music blocks that chime a melody.  This will take a matter of 5 minutes, and will result in something very cool.  Just make sure it’s not a at the door when you go to open it!

3.  Vending Machine – To make this contraption you will need redstone and dispensers.  Hook up dispensers with different items inside of them up to different buttons or pressure plates.  When you activate the redstone circuit (via pressure plate or switch) the designated dispenser will give you the desired item that’s held inside!  Some people get creative and even make canals that the items fall into, leading them back to you! Do a YouTube search to see some cool vending machines in action!

2.  TNT cannon – Videos of TNT cannons can be found all over YouTube.  They are hard to explain, so it’s probably best that you go and watch one if you haven’t already.  Basically, they are cannons that shoot TNT, mobs, you, etc.  By exploding TNT in sequence, you can send projectiles sailing over the horizon.  They use lots of redstone and TNT, and are a great way to have fun!

1.  Calculator – This is about as complex as redstone gets.  Some Minecrafters have actually made, and coded their own working calculators!  Many even have display screens that project your answers.  Although you must keep it simple, typically 8-bit, they are an awesome project to kill some time, and stretch your brain!

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  1. Alec Hughes
    Posted February 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I love these ideas and will try some of them myself! i dont think i can make the subway, but i would like to try and make a calculater. Also, the lock would be very useful for me…(My brother keeps breaking in and stealing things from me)

  2. GeoNet
    Posted April 30, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Wowowow! Redstone streches much further than calculator! I have my own Graphic processor, arithmetical logic unit and RAM…
    Many peole make Full CPU’s and computers…
    Now redstone is much much more complex!

    Posted March 18, 2013 at 6:21 pm


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