Minecraft Inventory Hack

Learn how to hack your inventory with two different methods.

Minecraft is a very fun game. However, it is easy to get frustrated. Hacking your inventory allows you to spawn any items you wish. This is extremely useful if you wish to build massive projects, spawn some new armor, etc. There are 2 methods to hacking your inventory. Both are equally effective, however one requires you to mod your Minecraft folder. I will start with the easiest method. Below you will see the download links and the tutorials on how to use both.





(You can choose both or just one. Follow the correct tutorial)

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Comparing INVedit with TooManyItems

1. INVedit can only be used with Minecraft closed

2. TooManyItems allows you to edit your inventory while in-game

3. TooManyItems is much quicker than INVedit

4. Only INVedit allows you to edit durability

5. TooManyItems requires you to mod your Minecraft folder

(Choose whichever you think is best for you)


How to Use INVedit

1. After downloading the file, extract it anywhere

2. Open the folder and open “INVedit”

3. Ignore the other files

4. INVedit will automatically find your Minecraft worlds

5. Click on the arrow next to the “Open” button

(Not sure which button? Mouse over each icon until you see “Open”)

6. Choose whichever world you want to load your items

7. You will see your current inventory in the box

8. You can drag items from the right into your inventory

9. You can adjust the number of items with the “Count” box

10. You can change durability on armor and tools by using the “Damage” box

(You can make it so that items take no damage by putting a negative number in damage)

(The max negative number is -32657)

11. When you are done, click on the arrow next to the “Save” button

12. Click on the world you want to save your inventory on

13. Open Minecraft

14. Enjoy your new items


How to Use TooManyItems

1. TooManyItems requires you to mod your Minecraft folder

2. You must have either WinRAR or 7-zip

(Download 7-zip HERE)

3. Click on “Start” and open “Run”

4. Type in “%APPDATA%” (No quotations) and click “OK”

5. Open “.minecraft”

6. Open “bin”

7. Click on “minecraft.jar” (DO NOT OPEN)

8. Right click on it and mouse over “7-zip” and click on “Open archive”

9. Delete “META-INF”

10. Open the TooManyItems folder

11. Select all “.class” files and drag them into the archive

12. Click “Yes” when it asks if you want to add to the archive

13. When it is done, open Minecraft

14. Open your Inventory (Default: “I” Key)

15. You will see the TooManyItems mod running in the background

16. Left-clicking on an item will give you 64 of the item

17. Right-clicking on an item will give you 1 of the item

18. Enjoy your new items


As always, thank you for reading and I hope you learned something. If you are interesting in this article, please register for my website to view more articles like this. You can also request articles on the forum. Thanks guys.

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  2. Posted July 13, 2011 at 10:59 am

    I cant drag the mod files to the 7zip archive (trying to install toomanyitems)
    I dont have minecraft open
    please help!

  3. Posted July 14, 2011 at 12:46 am

    @BLAR Make sure you highlight all of the files then drag it. If you can’t highlight it just click on each individual file and drag it.

  4. kelan
    Posted January 4, 2012 at 1:43 am

    OMG I CANT DRAG FILES AT ALL INTO THE FOLDER grr so frustrating please help and reply to kelanbarr@gmail.com

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