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Minecraft here Minecraft there … He came from something that was nothing recently from someone who no one … And suddenly it is full of internet, a lot of spam issues and circus in general. But I was lucky enough to find out about it before all the excitement and look under the surface and find out why things started to grind.

But first need to clarify the seemingly simple question: What, or what is Minecraft? To this question the author himself does not know and really easy to make – so I’ll go out systematically: It is a game built in the surreal medieval fantasy world that is infinitely generated in which each cubic meter divided invisible planes. Everything in this world is based on the edges, sides and not in it any significant circles and curves. The player’s character is also a dummy made up of prisms, as well as every creature. There are well-known things like earth, air, water, clouds, blue sky, trees, sun … And there is no goal, no story, no building, no other people. The player is actually one of a kind, thrown into the world, with two arms capable of ensuring the survival of its owner. Not that he needed to eat to die from hunger – in Minecraft to survive on a different principle.

The sky is the sun, which is a sign of light – it is light, well seen and the country caper pigs, sheep and cattle like harmless. But when the sun go down and the dark comes, it comes out a month – then begin to climb milunké dice monsters, skeletons milunké cube, cube milunkí zombies, giant spiders milunké cube whose sole purpose is to tear your little body to the cube milunké milunké tiny kocočky. There is only one way to protect against them – to build a shelter from the darkness to insulate walls. The house is built from scratch but can not – must first gather the necessary material. It could be clay, wood, stone … The problem is that not all material can be harvested by hand. It should be possible to produce tools that are made of wood, which, astonished the world, can cut down the tree with bare hands. To create a tool can be inserted into a special grid in your inventory, which can be further machined cube panels, four panels side by side doing the work stool that makes use of the grid needed to more complex tools. The two plates placed in a grid over each other to make the hole … Sticks can be used as a tool to handle such pickaxe. He also makes the combination of the grid. Once we pick and we want to make a house, we have to rake the clay to stone – to be a shovel, which, as otherwise, also makes the grid. And when it take shovel on the stone, we can begin to exploit the stone, which later can make a house.

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