Minecraft Skins Galore!

Finally took a break from the awesomness that is Minecraft? How about spending the time giving your character a makeover. Dead Space Isaac is a must.

If you don’t know what Minecraft is please leave this article and get informed. Minecraft is an indie game that has recently taken the online gaming world by storm. It was created by one man and has earned him more than a million dollars and over 100,000 copies sold of his paid version. Which in fact is still in Alpha version. The gameplay isn’t easy to explain and a quick youtube video can get you up to speed.

Back on topic:

If you don’t know, you can actually change your in game character to whatever suits your needs. There is an awesome Minecraft site known as the Skindex which features hundreds of user created skins for your character. Some of them are bad, but others are pretty sweet like the one of Isaac from Dead Space.

If you want to check out the skins feel free to visit: http://skins.tkte.ch/ or if you want to join the mayhem that is Minecraft then visit minecraft.net.

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