Minecraft Tricks – How to Find Diamond

Want to find diamonds in minecraft?

Requirements: Cartograph, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), Paint (Windows 7).

Firstly, install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), then go on to install Cartograph.

Then open up Cartograph. Select your world and then press the big “render” button. Please leave the setting at “normal” or the map won’t be accurate when finding diamonds. When it’s done, a window should pop-up. Press the “done” button. Then render another image except in the “only” field put in 56 (which will only show up diamonds).

Once you have the two images, open paint and load out the first image you rendered (the one that just says “normal-day” e.g. “World-1-normal-day”). Then on the box that says “select” and then click “Transparent Selection.” Once you’ve done that you can click on “Paste” then “paste from” and select that diamond map (e.g. “World-1-normal-day-only-56″). Go on to “Save-as” and give it a new name and now you should have a 2D map of where all the diamonds are in Minecraft.

The only flaw in this map is that it doesn’t show what height the diamonds are at. You could easily go to the area where the diamonds are and then dig down from there, but you might strike lava.

I hope this helps. Good luck finding diamonds.

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