Mordekaiser League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Mordekaiser League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

Understanding Spell Vamp

I think an important topic to cover is how spell vamp works. Many people wonder how it works and is it worth it? I too was curious about this topic and did my own research and found some good information. This is quoted by Kismet, QA Analyst on League of Legends Forums

Spell Vamp is a bit more complicated than Life Steal.

Basically if your damaging ability doesn’t proc Life Steal (abilities like Mystic Shot, Double Up, and Parrrley do) then it will almost always use Spell Vamp, even if the damage dealt from the ability is physical or true damage. This means that abilities such as Reckless Swing or Feast (true damage) or Spear Shot (physical damage) utilize Spell Vamp.

Something to note about Spell Vamp, however, is that there are two different values of Spell Vamp. Single-target spells, such as Malefic Vision, Reckless Swing, and Spear Shot, have 100% effectiveness when it comes to Spell Vamp. In other words, if you deal 200 damage with these single-target abilities and have 50% Spell Vamp, you will be healed for 100.

However, multi-target abilities such as Tormented Soil, Incinerate, and Heartseeker Strike, have 1/3 effectiveness for Spell Vamp. If these abilities deal 200 total damage with 50% Spell Vamp, they will only heal you for 33, but if you deal 200 damage to 5 enemies (totaling 1000 damage) you will heal for 166 health.

According to what Kismet says, Siphon of Destruction Creeping Death and Mace of Spades (When there are multiple targets) are multi target abilities so you’re only getting 1/3. To take advantage of your spell vamp, you’re going to want to use Mace of Spades against one target whether it’s a minion or enemy champion. I will say that your Children of the Grave will heal a lot more than what it normally does. Spell vamp is easily a way to replace health regen. Every item that gives spell vamp also gives ability power which is very good. I encourage everyone to still buy Health Potion every time they go back to base.

My Runes


Obvious reason, to have more spell pen which allows your abilities to do more damage.


Now this one is new, and I really think it’s worth investing for Morde. Starting at level 1 gives you an extra 1 hp per 5 and every other level after. This should help with staying in lane more which = more farm and levels. Morde sacrifices life to use his abilities and it’s necessary to have a way to regenerate health back or you’re going to get out laned. Can’t get spell vamp until later in the game so this is your way of having a growth of health regen.


I noticed that Magic Resist increases at a slower rate with levels compared to armor so getting magic resist is very good to have. Also rarely do I buy any items with magic resist at early to mid game so getting it as runes is important.


To cover that early game health. Morde gets bullied a lot early game, especially from enemy jungler or other solo lane. People who are experienced at the game will try to gank you early, so EXPECT IT. It’s the best way to deny Morde from getting powerful.

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