Mordekaiser League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Mordekaiser League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

My Masteries

If you’ve read my entire guide before the Riven Patch, the only thing changed that you need to know is Haste is switched to Blink of an Eye other than that I stick with the same masteries. If you’re new to my guide, keep reading!

My masteries for Damage Build Morde are 9/0/21.

Morde is a caster and going all offensive would be a complete waste to get havoc so count that out. For our first build, I tried going 21 into defense, but it wasn’t my style. Sure I was harder to kill, but I was slower without the 3% speed increase and not having ghost as often as I needed it. So for the Tank and Damage build, I feel you’re sacrificing a lot by not getting Presence of the Master . This mastery is by far the best one for Mordekaiser. It’s very important to get your summoner abilities back as soon as possible. Getting cool down reductions, increased movement speed, faster experience gain, and my favorite utility mastery when I have baron buff are all worth having to get presence of the master. You’re going to be building armor and magic resist items anyway so the defense tree is not really necessary.

The biggest reason why I go the utility tree is for Presence of the Master . It’s a huge component to your build because it gives your summoner ability ghost and ignite 15% faster CD. Having ghost as often as you can is a huge treat in itself, being able to initiate, chase that enemy champion that you couldn’t catch from normal speed to finish off, or saving yourself from death is always great to have when you need it at most. A bigger reason is getting ignite as soon as possible all the time. Ignite is your second DoT, maybe not as important as your Children of the Grave, but it negates 50% healing to that target. Which means if they’re trying to out heal the DoTs before they die, they’re going to have a harder time doing it. Plus, ignite is part of your combo and having both your ult and ignite together deals lots of damage to one individual. It takes longer for your ignite to come back than your ult even with presence of the master, so I don’t even want to think how much time I would be killing in a game waiting for my ignite. Now to explain the rest of the utility tree and why it’s good to get still.

Intelligence is a great one to have for Mordekaiser. Being able to cast faster means you can recharge your shield quicker + dish out more damage.

Quickness gives more run speed which will go well with the quintessence runes I picked. Speed will help initiate, help harass easier when enemies least expect it, and be able to get out of jams if your opponent can’t catch you. By being just a bit faster than your opponent, there’s nothing they can do to stop you even if you have 1 hit point left. It’s a great asset to have speed so long as you know how to use it right. I explain this in my rune quintessences as well. I sacrifice survivability to be able to have better harassment and greater escapeability. Which doesn’t mean I’m throwing away completely survivability, if I know when to retreat without getting cced and killed, I think the escapeability was well worth it. It’s the same idea as summoner ability ghost too, being able to intiate. You have Creeping Death and Sunfire Cape and the best way to utilize that is to always be near your enemy champions. If they can outrun you, then you’re not putting out as much damage as you could be which is a problem. I want to not just be tank, I want to be a threat as well, and if I’m not threatening, then I’m not much use to my team.

Utility Mastery ohhhhh I love you lol. It’s great to have if you ever kill carries that have red or blue buff which normally they do and if you ever do kill the Baron in the game. Having an extended Baron buff is a large advantage!

Now for Greed , I know it’s not that much and it’s pretty useless on Mordekaiser who’s a God at farming, but seeing that there’s literally nothing else on the utility tree that I can use, it’s the best thing to go. Also, have you ever had times where you’re only 50 or less gold away from getting an item, but you’re not sure if you should wait because it’s crucial to get back on the battle field? Greed will cover that possible wait you didn’t expect.

Awareness is soooo good for Mordekaiser. Look how fast he farms! If he’s solo laning, he’s going to jump levels so fast especially if he’s taking down enemy heroes. Having levels over everyone else is a large advantage for any hero, but for Mordekaiser, it’s a ridiculous jump. He will have more items and levels which means more health, more armor, and more magic resistance. For the lower leveled characters, they aren’t going to deal that much damage to you when your shield is up. It makes it easier to take advantage of enemy champions who don’t see it coming and how much it takes to get rid of your shield.

Good Hands is great, being dead is the worst part of the game and I want to be out of it asap.

Blink of an Eye A must have. Flash can be your savior or it can help you get kills.

Finally Perseverance , which is probably the worst out of the whole utility tree since the mana regen is wasted, but it does throw in a bit of health regen.

I go nine into the offensive tree because of Archaic knowledge
. More magic pen = more magic damage especially from the start of the game. According to this chart, this is how magic penetration works.

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