Mordekaiser League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Mordekaiser League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

% Reduction
Flat Reduction
Flat Penetration
% Penetration

Reduction can reduce magic resistance below 0, while Penetration can only reach to 0. Percent Reduction and Flat Reduction are very rare and won’t be seeing any on Mordekaiser. Nidalee’s Bushwack Traps are an example of Magic Reduction %. After Reduction is Penetration. Flat magic pen is applied first then magic pen %. I have 8.55 flat magic pen from 9x Greater Mark of Insight then 15% of their magic resistance is reduced after by Archaic knowledge . So say we have a character with 35 magic resistance from the start of the game. It would be reduced to 26.45 after flat reduction, and then take 15% of that, which would be 3.9675 magic % pen which would come to 22.4825. So the start of the game, I’m taking nearly 13 magic resistance off my target from the start of the game. Now if this champion decides to get more Magic Resistance, it benefits my mastery much more greatly then anything. The number will increase the higher their MR goes up, but if my flat penetration completely gets rid of their MR without adding in the MR Pen %, then Archaic knowledge is useless against that target, but, that doesn’t mean it’s useless against other heroes. Almost all teams will have a tank and this mastery will affect him the most.

So a tank at end game will get near 180 Magic Resist. Lets say I have Sorcerer’s Shoes, 9x Greater Mark of Insight, and Archaic knowledge
. Subtract the Flat Pen which would be 180 – 28.5 = 151.5 and now take 15% of that number. I’m taking another 22.725 magic resist off with just the mastery which is very nice. So the overall magic resist of our so called tank is 128.775. We took off 51 – 52 magic resist which is a nice chunk of defense.

For the first build, I will go 9 into the defensive tree and get +6 armor, +6 magic resist, +2.0% dodge increase, and nimbleness which can possibly proc increased speed movement every dodge I get. Reason why I go this is because I want to be fast enough to constantly stay with my targets and CC them down.

It’s really preference on whether you want to be more tanky or more threatening. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong going with 9 in defense, but I don’t believe it’s necessary to go a full 21 in defense. The best mastery to ever get for Mordekaiser is Presence of the Master and I feel there’s a lot more to be offered in the Utility Tree than the Defense Tree.

Overall, the main purpose of going utility is getting presence of the master. I want to be able to combo as much as possible the whole game and it gives many other rewards that are very useful for Mordekaiser. My guide is based on being threatening while keeping a tanky build. By going 9 into offense, I’m raising my threat level. If I go all tank, the only time it’s useful is if the enemy team is focusing me. If they completely skip over me, ignore me, and put me last on their kill list, I’m useless.

Summoner Abilities

Your summoner spells should never change because these are the best spells for Mordekaiser which are Flash and Ignite. Ignite is your extra DoT that you will need with your Ult. With these two combined, even if the enemy champion gets away from you, the DoTs can still kill them. Flash is very necessary and one of the best summoner abilities in the game. Because we’re now building an all AP Morde, you’re easier to kill if taken by surprise or CC to death. Flash is your way out or it can be your offense. Which ever you prefer, this ability is very useful.

Skill Order

Level 1 – Siphon of Destruction – E
Level 2 – Mace of Spades – Q
Level 3 – Siphon of Destruction – E
Level 4 – Creeping Death – W
Level 5 – Siphon of Destruction – E
Level 6 – Children of the Grave – R
Level 7 – Siphon of Destruction – E
Level 8 – Mace of Spades – Q
Level 9 – Siphon of Destruction – E
Level 10 – Mace of Spades – Q
Level 11 – Children of the Grave – R
Level 12 – Mace of Spades – Q
Level 13 – Mace of Spades – Q
Level 14 – Creeping Death -W
Level 15 – Creeping Death -W
Level 16 – Children of the Grave – R
Level 17 – Creeping Death -W
Level 18 – Creeping Death -W

Even though Siphon of Destruction costs the most life when used and was nerfed to not help generate shield anymore, it is still an important ability to have. It is your only method to harass when laning or to harass before a team fight. Once your AP starts going, you will notice a much larger amount of damage. Poking with it will get to your target.

A big reason why I chose Mace of Spades over Creeping Death is because it only requires one swing to get the full effect of Mace of Spades while it takes a whole 6 seconds for Creeping Death. I still use Creeping Death before I run in and fight for that extra armor and magic resist, but you’re going to want to hit and run, not stay in the fight until you die.

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