Mordekaiser League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Mordekaiser League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

o Attack Damage reduced to 40 from 60
o Ability Power reduced to 70 from 75
o Life Steal reduced to 15% from 20%
o Spell Vamp reduced to 20% from 25% and is now UNIQUE

Hextech Gunblade now has a unique passive toward Spell Vamp which means stacking it is completely useless. Even with the nerfs to it, it’s one of the best items to get for Mordekaiser. -5 AP and -5% Spell vamp are the only nerfs toward casters with this item. The extra AD will be missed, but shouldn’t effect Mordekaiser’s damage too much.

I made a change to Runes once again and decided it’s better to go all 3 quints as Greater Quintessence of Vigor. It greatly helps the need for health regen early game.

Even as AP Morde, I think getting this item is the best start. No it gives no ability power, but remember when I changed my armor seals for health per 5 seals? Doran’s Shield will make up for that missing armor. Also +8 health regen and +120 health is big for Morde’s early game for he gets bullied a lot. You can start with Regrowth Pendant but I prefer the early game survival. You’re going to need that extra health when you’re being ganked. Either of them work.

When you go back to base, make sure you at least buy Boots of Speed, 2x -3x Health Potion, and a Sight Ward. If you have more cash, from here you’re going to build toward Sorcerer’s Shoes.

Your first core item. This is the best Spell Vamp item in the game that you can get now. You will rush and get this item asap because it is your sustain item. The AP is great for your shield and damage, gives spell vamp for health back to our cultist, and it gives a nice aura for your team. All hybrids and mages will be happy to have you on the team.

You’re going to want to buy these after getting Will of the Ancients. If you’re against a mage like team or getting CCed hardcore, it’s a good idea to get Mercury Treads.

Your second core item. Everything it gives is everything you need. +80 AP, +500 Health, and your first and maybe only CC possible in a game. If you’re 1v1ing, throw your Children of the Grave out as soon as you start throwing fists to kill each other. You’re going to want that initial health when casting it and it will slow your target if they try to run away which is exceptional. Completely necessary to get this item because you have no slows or stuns.

If you’ve gotten this far, it mean it’s time to decide what route you want to take with Morde. Yes chosen one, you will decide the fate of your team and your game play by choosing your path. Here’s the items we already have

Our Items We Currently Have

Path One, Do I need Armor?
Randuin’s Omen Team Based item
Guardian Angel Survival Item
Zhonya’s Hourglass Self Powering Item

Your team oriented armor item. Your tankiest Armor item you will ever buy with Morde. Biggest reason to go this item is for the ability for CCing. The health regen is always helpful. +75 armor is excellent and +350 health to stay in the game. Oh and let us not forget that little 5% cooldown reduction.

This should be your go to item if you’re being focused a lot during fights or you’ve gotten all of your offensive items and ready to have immortality on your side. This item can be a game changer. Knowing if you’re the biggest threat on your team to them and you can come back to life is a big problem for them. Getting armor and magic resist from this item will make it harder to rip through your shield too (just like old times).

Your Self Powering Armor Item. The BEST Armor item to get if you’re trying to max out your Ability Power. +100 AP, +50 Armor, and that unique ability to go into stasis will save your ass.

I do not feel Sunfire Cape is worth getting over either of these two items. You’ll be tankier with Randuin’s Omen or you’ll be more powerful with Zhonya’s Hourglass.

Path Two, Do I need magic resist?
Force of Nature Tankiest Magic Resist Item
Banshee’s Veil Toward Specific Spells Magic Resist.
Abyssal Scepter Most Damaging Magic Resist Item
Lich Bane Power Hungry Item

The best magic resist item in the game. This item is excellent for Mordekaiser in every aspect. +40 health regen to keep you in lane, +76 Magic resist and 8% Movement Speed. The Unique Passive is based on how much health you have total, but we’re not going to worry about that. It’s a little bit more health regen thrown on top, that’s it. Helps Mordekaiser catch catch his victims easier and staying out and farming. Best for the most survival.

The only reason I would get this item is against specific characters such as Karthus. His ult will be completely stopped from this item and is worth investing if he’s in the game. It’s also completely worth getting if you feel you’re getting CCed too much. Those are my exceptions to ever buying this item.

Best item to grab if you want a good amount of magic resist and lots of damage behind it.
+57 Magic Resist, +70 Ability Power, and that nice ass aura that lowers all your enemies Magic resistance by 20. Its funny, but this is the best team oriented item when it comes to magic resistance. I think it’s funny because it also gives you a lot of power. The best item to invest in if you’re looking for magic resist and power at the same time

I really don’t’ see this as a protective item. If you’re going this, it’s so you deal the most damage possible with Morde. Remember that you’re leaving yourself open to being exploded if you go this item. I would recommend this more in Dominion than Summoner’s Rift. The proc with Mace of Spades will deal phenomenal amounts of damage if your target is solo and alone. This happens a lot in dominion but near end game in Summoner’s Rift how rare it is to catch the enemy team off guard. I approve it in Dominion, but not Summoner’s Rift.

Rabadon’s Deathcap Raises AP incrediablely
Hextech Gunblade Spell Vamp

The best AP item in the game. Nummy nummy +130 AP AND 30% increase to overall AP wow lol. Feed your thirst with this steroid.

It has everything you ever wanted. AP, Spell Vamp, AD, Lifesteal, and a unique effect that can slow and your target even more. I believe this item should be a CORE item as well with your build.

Most Defensive Build
Will of the Ancients
Sorcerer’s Shoes
Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
Randuin’s Omen
Force of Nature
Hextech Gunblade

Defensive and Offensive
Will of the Ancients
Sorcerer’s Shoes
Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
Zhonya’s Hourglass
Abyssal Scepter
Hextech Gunblade

Most Offensive Build
Will of the Ancients
Sorcerer’s Shoes
Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
Zhonya’s Hourglass
Rabadon’s Deathcap
Hextech Gunblade

I’ve given you all possible choices of how you want to build. The above are my ideas of how you want to build if you want to go a specific route.

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