New Series for Pro7 Too Hard? Sex, Spartacus – Blood and Sand

This series is a skin. And she has a very sad story …

“Spartacus” images from the TV series

“Spartacus” – the new series on Pro7: As bloody and so versext No one has yet beaten

Friday night started the U.S. series. “Spartacus – Blood and Sand” on ProSieben (22.05 clock) As bloody and so versext No one has yet beaten with sandals series..

The song the audience? A hero with a sad background. Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield died last September, with barely 40 years ago from cancer. The series was still a success in the United States.

Why? “Spartacus” is in slow motion martial beat the gladiators fight each other one in each scene flowing blood -… Worked mostly in the digital image reminds all at the box-cracker “300″. Great pictures!

And then there is still the sex factor.

So wild so it drove the ancient Romans. Love slaves, like dwarves, the spoil with ivory dildo orgies on the helmet-guests. Lust-gladiators, the sample before their mistresses have sex before they get the stamp of “satisfactory”.

So much blood and sex were the German audience but not to face. Radiate to “Spartacus” clock to before 2300, ProSieben curtailed the fight scenes of the pilot episode. Who’s got brutal might, in the second part of the double episode at his own expense – which was broadcast after 23:00 clock and indeed full.

13 episodes will be broad casted now in one of the youth advocates arg eyed version.

Steeled, muscled and ready for anything: Spartacus and the gladiators

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