PSP Racing: Need for Speed

Here to show many series of need for speed.


Need For Speed


Need For Speed: Carbon Own The City

A very classic style to play with as you get to choose the  many classic game types and of course many new types to play with. The multiplayer is a bit obvious because you are playing with someone who is near you ad hoc which allows other PSP’s to play this game with out them having the same games. The graphics are very well put as the screen filter does not affect the FPS rate as much, for a 2006 game many still like this as one of the best classics. Many customisation options on the car. They record every one of your stats, many parts to upgrade which allows this game to be very long lasting. It also gives a sense of free roam around at times.

Many things to up hold but for a 2006 games, it’s pretty damn cool!

Graphics Rating: 8/10

Gameplay Rating: 7/10 Note: For many reasons such as classic types.


Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0

Many improvements since the last series as there is a totally different story, as you may know it’s about cops chasing you and that’s all there is to it. To first few street races are to do with getting the respect of many people. Once again many game types to choose from including many customisation of your cars. The new HUD setting is very limited as they are letting you focus on the race. You can extra points like top speed, and many rivals to beat.

Many improvements since the last one but still once again very classic.

Graphic Rating: 9/10

Gameplay Rating: 7/10


Need For Speed Pro Street

A lot hype in this game when it first came out but sadly the hype calm down as it was a complete loss in my opinion because the controls were hard enough to keep you crashing, sure there’s a multiplayer and all that. The story has also changed as there will be a rival to beat which you will meet at the start and also many of these game types were improved such as the ranks. The graphics is the one which is the amazing part as the FPS stays as stable as possible, an over use of screen filter.

Hype of some people might have payed but this game is a complete loss.

Graphic Rating:9/10

Gameplay: 6/10 Note: Not many changes

Download: PART 1:

Download: PART 2:


Need For Speed Undercover

Instead of being chased and crashed like a rag doll, you are doing the chasing instead. This game is one of the very unique as it is totally different from all the classics. It gives a sense of you controlling the whole game as you have many roots to take and you can plan ahead of where they could and  then… intercept them! The gameplay is very different to many normal ones. The graphics is quite amazing.

Quite a different game to what you would expect but the sense of it being unique is really good.

Graphics Rating: 7/10

Gameplay Rating:8/10

Download: PART 1:

                  PART 2:

Need For Speed Shift

The most latest series of NFS, mainly focused on the graphics of the game but the gameplay is still quite different as they finally have ranks to get reputation and also go to much higher leagues, of course along the way of your races make the ultimate upgrades and customisations to full lengths. The graphics is definitely the best I ‘ve seen although freezing a lot at times but I guess that’s just my PSP.

Amazing graphics to uphold enough said.

Graphics Rating: 10/10

Gameplay Rating: 7/10


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