Seven Reasons Batman Should be Your Favorite Comic Book Hero

A look at why Batman is the best comic book hero.

He takes his identity from the thing he feared the most; bats.  He conquers his fear of them and assumes bat characteristics and incorporates them into his crime fighting alter-ego.  That just says pimp from the beginning.

He has some pretty sexy villains like Poison Ivy and Cat Woman.

He has a stupid sidekick to boss around and a butler who waits on him hand and foot.

His public identity, Bruce Wayne, is a millionaire and has a mansion on top of a hidden cave.  How pimp is that?

He has all the coolest vehicles that look like a bat in one way or the other.  Whether it be a speedboat, car, helicopter, jet, motorcycle, jet skis, or even rollerblades (FFS), he has them.

He has one of the coolest crime fighting outfits.  Not only does he look like a big, scary bat and his utility belt holds everything from a grappling hook to a rubber chicken, but he has muscles built right into the outfit to make him look more muscular.

The top reason Batman should be your all time favorite comic book hero is simple; aside from the aforementioned, he’s a normal guy.  Batman doesn’t have any superhuman abilities or powers that give him the advantage over his enemies.  All he has are his wits, his normal, human physical fitness, confidence, passion to fight crime and a whole lot of dough to buy the cool toys he needs to do just that.  I have always thought Batman was the coolest comic book hero because he gives children the dream that they too could actually do what he does.  You don’t have to see through walls, fly or be able to throw a locomotive over miles to fight crime in superhero fashion.

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