Stick Rpg Two Get 999 Everything, Hover Board and Complete Game and More!!!

Stick rpg two guide xgen studios.

Millions in money and 999 everything is less than 3 days

1. Start the game trying to get your intelligence at 25,

2. Talk to the tutorial ted who if greeted positively will give you $100,

3. Go to the NEW LINES INC building on street 1 and apply for the job,

4. Work this job until no longer possible for that day, probably 1 shift.

5. Go to MCsticks on page 3 and apply for the job there, work this untill no longer


6. This will probably get you to around $140, Go home, sleep, save and go back to NEW


7. Work this job all day, taking you to around $185, then work the MCsticks till aorund


8. Buy a fake id from the guy round the side of 11/7, for $150

9. It is worth sleeping once more time and doing one more NEW LINES INC shift, so its 11


10. Then go to Gambleville between xxx dvds and Joes pizza, and save the game

11. Click the black jack table and bet all your money.


13. Everytime you win save it, everytime you lose, restart the game and do it again.

14. It will take some time thats why you should use the auto clicker, to rapidly bet 500

15. Complete this until over $10 million

16. Once you have 10 million you should get the achievement, the only reason to go till 10


17. for 999 charm go to 11/7 on street 3,

18. set the mouse bot for around 500 times to click the guy click the beer and click buy,

19. leave it to repeat and then open your brief case and set a bot to click the beer then


20. After drinking all the beer you should have 999 charm in less than 10 mins if you set

good bots.

21. For 999 intelligence, do the exact same but for red bull

22. you could use study but this uses up game time, what we’re trying to avoid.

23. For 999 strenght go to MCsticks and do the same for their most expensive burger.

24. This should use up less around 70,000 but no game time.

Get hover board – all 4 trophemon

1. Get: slice of pizza at joes , shake and grand slam burger from mc sticks and

cigarettes, cuban cigars and a zippo lighter from the guy on street 2 behind bar.

2. take the grand slam burger to the construction worker behind the casino and give him


3. using the ladder he gives you, go to street 2 and help lady with cat up tree.

4. This will be your first trophemon

5. Go outside bar on street 2 and give the guy playing guitar change around 11 times, 2nd


6. at night go to the club and give dj shake and pizza, for the 3rd trophemon

7. also go to vinnies on the 3rd street,give security guard his items, for final


8. then give all 4 trophemon to the guy at the end of the condos at night

9. He will reward you with the hover board.

Complete the game

The main story line of the game is to get 3 4d objects to give to professor Ansel to “get

home”, this is all very easy to get the objects.

1. Tutorial ted will first introduce you to the challenge of the 4d objects.

2. Go to Ansel in the back on the university and speak to him

3. He will send you on search of these 4d objects, there are multiple ways, this is my


4. Beat the yellow guy in the uni at chess, you have 999 int, so should be no problems.

5. at night give the guy by the condos 3 lots of coca, bought off the guy beside the bar.

6. go to the club and fight the guy at the bar, he will give you the last object

7. Give all objects to Ansel who will give you the lab key

8. I recommend you go back to the guy with coca and buy his best gun!

9. Go to the lab, fight all the guys, and then finish the game

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