Survival 303 Guide (V2.85) Processes, Hints and Glitches

A guide filled up with need-to-know inforation about Survival 303.

How you should Start off:
I would recommend the best way you should start off is to get refined steel ASAP and get ahead of everyone else so therefore, your tribe would be the most powerful. So first off, get yourself a Sailship (two ship if you are doing the stat glitch), a few ropes, a few sticks, a few bento hides and materials for a stone pickaxe (Don’t forget to make a Firemaking Bow and a Bucket.) Once you have those, you should head to any island that has metals in it. Mine the iron and coal and make yourself some steel and once you have those you should make find yourself a tribe or an island to start off a tribe and then make Buildings necessary for survival (e.g. Windmill, farms, Wells.) Personally I would go with an airship for my own tribe. After that, its up to you to decide.

How to do the stat glitch:
First off you will need to get an edge of the map. When you reach a corner wait for your stats to go down once (e.g. 80 to 79.) Once its gone down once you count to 10. On 10 you jump off the edge. If it works you will be able to survive in water and your stats won’t go down. If it doesn’t you won’t survive in water and your stats will go down.

How to build a flying ship:
First off you will need a Firemaking Bow (or flint), a bento hide, a bucket, a knife, an axe (if you want to chop the large tree trunks) and of course, a boat (Sailboat, preferably).
Once you have those things put your boat down on (preferably on the edges of the islands) and you fireproof the seat, and the seat only (Do not fireproof the base, the burning the base is key to doing this glitch.) Then once you have burned the base off the seat, you will be able to fly but the problem is elevation, that is why we have the Bento hide. Apply the bento hide where the front of the seat is and make sure it makes a vertical line. You will be able to go up and down but not right or left, so if you want to go back into flying normally you remove the bento hide. Now this part is optional but recommended if you find the bento hide hard to put on. Get some wood (Large Tree Trunks recommended), hit them with your bucket and knife and then add them to your ship what ever way you want. Don’t forget to add chairs for your passengers so they don’t fall off.
WARNING: Noobs will try steal or destroy your ship (That’s why we fireproof), While the map Regenerates or when you pull out your “Forage” or “Backpack” tool, the ship will go out of control for a few seconds.

Processing: (Takes some time)

Small Leaves = Small Compost
Large Leaves = Large Compost
Bento Hide = Bento Leather
Small Compost + Flax Flower = Farming flax
Large Compost + Apple = Farming Apple (trees)
Small Compost + Berry = Farming berries

Tutorial Part:
How to cook:
1. Get a Flint or Firemaking Bow
2. Find some leaves/wood
3. Use Flint or Firemaking Bow to leaves/wood until it becomes red
4. Put food near item in “fire”
5. Take it away from “fire” when its light brown ( Cooked )

How to fish:
1. Get fishing rod/net
2. Press in water
3. When it says you got something, spam Q
4. You get fishes

How to plant things:
1. Take craft tool
2. Choose compost and item
3. Press Process item

Mining places:
Rockma Island (Iron, Coal)
Spire Island (Iron, Coal, Sulphur)
Plateau (Iron, Coal)
Plains (Iron)

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