Tactic Guide 4-3-3

Strenght, weakness, advantages and disadvantages of 4-3-3 formation. Maximize your defensife and offensive capabilities. Minimize your midfield vunerablelities.

Decide right formation before the match, take most important part in achieving victory. Right formation is not only the one that best suit with your player ability, but also the one that can eleminate all enemy advantages. As Sun-tzu said, know yourself and your enemies, then victory will come for sure.

In this article we will talk about 4-3-3 formation. Stength and weakness of this formation will be examined. Base on our examination, we can decide the best defending and attacking psitions to minimize the disadvantages and maximize our advantages. At the end of this article several variation will be showed in order to overcome different tactical posibilities of the enemies.

In this article, i will use some terminology that already explained in previous article entitled “Stone Wall”(http://www.quazen.com/Games/Computer-Games/Stone-Wall.48).

Strength Vs weakness

Before we start talk about strength and weakness of 4-3-3 formation, an overview of this formation will be showed below.










Strength: 4-3-3 formation has balance capability in attack and defense. Your four defenders will move between red and yellow area (see stone wall). Standart 4-4-2, 3-5-2,or 4-5-1 formation (with all tactics set to default) will be very difficult to score against 4-3-3 formation. This formation has good attacking ability as well. With 4-3-3 formation you have at least 3 men in enemy red area and at least 3 men in enemy yellow area as second line.

Weakness: 4-3-3 formation rather vunerable in midfield battle and has no wing. Your three midfield players should cover the whole midfield area. Midfield area is very important to build an offensive movement and counter attack. Midfield area is also important to prevent enemy counter attack, and if you use pressing style (closing all over).

Some manager try to eleminate this disadvantage by set their LB and RB to free role, and act as winger. But this means that they should run from end to end, and waste a lot of energy. Sometimes your LB and RB will be late to back to your red area.

Defending and attacking position

Defending position:










4-3-3 formation has good defending and attacking capabilities. But when the enemy attack, your player will be concentrate mostly in your red area (at least 5 men in my experience). In this condition you will be very difficult to launch a counter attack except your players has perfect long passing ability.

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  2. Michal
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    Vulnerable in midfield battles?? The 4-3-3 is probable one of the best formation in controlling the midfield as you have 3 central midfielders. Plenty of possession oriented teams use this like Barcelona and Arsenal. Barcelona never has problems controlling the midfield.

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