Terraria Anvil: Jungle Crafting Recipes

Terraria Anvil: A guide for crafting all the Terraria recipes requiring use of an anvil. All recipes involving the Jungle are included.

Terraria Jungle Crafting List:

Ivy Whip – This item requires 1 Grappling Hook, 30 Jungle Roses and 3 Vines. This can be used to scale walls much easier than if using the grappling hook.

Thorn Chakrum – This item requires 40 Jungle Roses and 30 Stingers. It is a thrown weapon that can deal out 25 damage.

Blade of Grass – This item requires 1 Silver Broadsword, 40 Jungle Roses and 20 Stingers. This sword can deal 28 damage.

Jungle Hat – This item requires 1 Silver Helmet, 10 Emeralds, 10 Sapphires and 20 Jungle Roses. It can be equipped to add 6 defense points.

Jungle Shirt – This item requires 1 Silver Chainmail, 6 Rubies, 6 Diamonds, 40 Jungle Roses and 12 Stingers. It can be equipped to add 7 defense points.

Jungle Pants – This item requires 1 Silver Greaves, 8 Amethysts, 8 Topaz pieces, 30 Jungle Roses and 4 Vines. It can be equipped to add 6 defense points.

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