Terraria: The Silent Storm?

It drew itself on us silently, and now it’s a huge hit.

Minecraft led the field for sandbox survival games, but within a few short days, Terraria managed to take the world by storm. Premiered as a Steam downloadable game, Terraria managed to sell 50,000 copies on it’s first day only, making it a huge seller the PC game provider. 200,000 copies were sold throughout it’s first week, putting ahead of even those games that had been hyped up for so long, like Portal 2 and The Witcher 2.

Part of the appeal of Terraria was the 2D graphics, making it a simple yet addicting game. You can craft a variety of weapons and armor, with certain sets giving special abilities. The gameplay also allows for random events to occur based on how progress, where you go, and how prepared you make the game believe you are.

There are a few different bosses right now, along with special locations throughout the land through which you can battle a variety of enemies while mining to hearts content. Terraria also keeps a great multiplayer feel, where you can have different people around you all with different skill levels and items. It’s character creation system is also unique, being that you can create a character that can keep with it anything that you find to a new world, just in case you ran your world dry, or want to help out a friend.

Although it has original gameplay values, it is often criticized for being “a rip-off of Minecraft”. While the essence of sandbox survival and strategy is still the same through both games, Terraria allows for more game features and more comfortable gameplay feel, whereas Minecraft is a game for more serious and competitive survival and a larger sandbox environment to create and share.

Whether you are made to create and survive, or prefer relaxed and comfortable gameplay, both are definitely great games, earning my respect. Now, if only I could buy those games.

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