The Amazing Spiderman Xbox 360 Review

After their sophomore efforts with Spiderman Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, Beenox Studios releases its first open world Spiderman game just in time for this summer’s blockbuster reboot. Will this game go where every movie tie-in has gone before (down the toilet) or does it have a redeeming feature or two?

There are probably those of you out there who would like to know straight off whether or not this Spiderman game is really worth your time and your hard earned cash? If the status of this game being a movie tie in has automatically doomed it to failure? You’ll be happy to know that Beenox’s efforts are not a failure, at least not completely. To sum up the review in a few words, the Amazing Spiderman is Ok, it’s not great but it’s definitely better than average and bordering on being good. There are moments in this game which will have Spiderman fans jumping off their couches with an expression of glee and there are moments which will make you have a stink face similar to when you smell bad cheese.

If you’re a die-hard Spidey fan and wanted to this game to be good, you have your wish, go and buy it. If you’re not a die-hard fan but still want a reason to spend the cash on the game, you can take this review to be your blessing. If you’re expecting a game of Arkham Asylum’s or Arkham City’s calibre, you will be disappointed but should still give it a rental if you’re at all interested. I’m unsure whether the existence of previous Spiderman games and their tremendous downward spiral makes this one automatically worth buying but compared to games like Edge of Time and Web of Shadows this game is practically a masterpiece.

The Amazing Spiderman is probably this generation’s second best movie tie in (the first of course being Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) Despite earning this title, ASM hardly had much competition in this area. This title more than any other Spiderman title will be compared to Spiderman 2 on the previous generation of consoles (PS2, etc). In many ways I feel that both of these titles are pretty much equal in the final tally even though they are fundamentally different games with a different focus on various game mechanics.

The story of ASM acts as a sequel to the Amazing Spiderman film, which if you haven’t watch by the time you play the game will spoil several important plot points for you. In fact the games story reveals a major spoiler in the first half hour which I won’t talk about here. In the interest of keeping film plot points under wraps I won’t talk about the story much at all, but will say that the story in ASM is quite frankly average at best. It does the job of getting you from point A to point B, but it doesn’t adequately explain the motivations of the characters or introduce the primary threat in a believable manner. The story revolves around peters powers and their impact on events occuring around him and in many ways feels like a tacked on excuse to explain an emerging threat. One can hardly complain as this offers you the opportunity to face bosses like the Rhino and Scorpion in engaging battles, but it’s worth mentioning that the reasoning behind all of it sounds like total piss.

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