The Ten Best Pc Games of The Early 2000s!

Here is a list of what I consider to be the best PC games of the early 2000s decade!

1.       Max Payne (Released 2001)

This game was just groundbreaking in every sense of the word.

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Pros: Awesome game play, great in game art, nice soundtrack, action packed

Cons: Dated graphics, lack of colour

2.      Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Released 2001)

This remains to be one of the best games I have ever played period!

Developer: id Software

Pros: awesome graphics for the ear, immersive story line, great game play, huge environments

Cons: can’t think of any really!

3.       The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Released 2002)

This was an immersive RPG! It was very addictive indeed!

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Pros: Huge map, immersive game play, good graphics for its era

Cons: repetitive game play, lifeless landscapes

4.      Half-Life 2 (Released 2004)

This game still remains as one of the best games ever produced, the graphics and Ai engine rival current games!

Developer: Valve Corporation

Pros: Awesome graphics, intensive game play, great story line, great soundtrack

Cons: can be very difficult at times

5.       Deus Ex (Released 2000)

This was the first mega game of the decade. It was also a game I was completely addicted to back in the day.

Developer: Ion Storm                     

Pros: Best game soundtrack theme in the history of gaming, great graphics for its era, immersive game play

Cons: the game was too short

6.      Soldier of Fortune (Released 2000)

This game was fucking insane! If only they focus on groundbreaking game play as opposed to graphical perfection now days, we’d still have games as awesome as this out today!

Developer: Raven Software

Pros: Great graphics for its time, awesome game play, great depiction of graphical violence

Cons: Dated graphics as it was designed over the old Quake 2 graphics engine! Nothing else!

7.       Red Faction (Released 2001)

This was a ground breaking first person shooter. How the memories come back!

Developer: Volition Inc

Pros: Awesome graphics for its era, top notch game play, destructive environments

Cons: mundane environments

8.      Doom 3 (Released 2004)

One of the freakiest games I have ever plaid!

Developer: id Software

Pros: Awesome graphics for its era, immersive game play, best game of its horror genre

Cons: too dark in most parts

9.      Call of Duty (Released 2003)

This was one addictive first person shooter!

Developer: Infinity Ward

Pros: great game play, awesome graphics for its era, ground breaking game play

Cons: Short game length

10.   The Sims (Released 2000)

I found The Sims to be a very addictive game back in the day!

Developer: Maxis

Pros: Immersive game play, extensive game play, inventive game play

Cons: repetitive, dated graphics

There you have it my top ten list of the best ten PC games of the early 2000s! If you think I’ve missed any notable games worthy of this list, then leave a comment below! Thank you.

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