Tryndamere League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Tryndamere League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

Why take Heal/Ignite? *Important*

Heal and Ignite are currently the BEST summoners for Tryn.

They are BETTER than Ghost Ignite and BETTER then Cleanse Ignite

Many people ask me, why? What if they Exhaust you or CC you? Isn’t Cleanse Ignite better?

No, it isn’t, it’s just different.

Exhaust Ignite? Shouldn’t that be better?

Exhaust Cleanse?

Again, no, they are different functions.

Let’s consider Tryndamere for a moment. What is Tryndamere trying to accomplish?

He wants to farm. He also wants to get kills and snowball his lane.

If you take Cleanse/ Ignite, as Tryndamere you’re gonna have to be tactful about your fights pre 6.

However, due to the nature of the solo top lane, if you can land a kill pre 6, there’s a very real possibility that you will snowball the lane out of control.

Consider this. You kill your opponent at level 2-4. You catch him unaware on his tower with a Spinning Slash 1 crit and Ignite, eat 2 tower shots, pop Heal and walk away.

By the time you’re 6, they are still 5, or even level 4. You kill them again using your ult. Then Ignite comes up, you base, buy gear, and you kill them again with ult + Ignite.

If you kill them 3 times in lane before they hit level 8, you will generally win the game. Not just the lane, the entire game. It sounds silly, but it’s true. Their team is down a strong solo lane. Your team’s solo is huge – and it’s Tryndamere.

They try to gank you, your Heal is up, your items are big, and you kill one or both of your gankers while ult is up. The other has to run away.

This is all because of what Heal / Ignite allows you to do PRE LEVEL 6. Even if you don’t kill them, you force them out of lane, you put them behind early, and when Tryndamere gets ahead, he stays ahead forever.

That is the aggressive early nature of Heal/ Ignite on Tryndamere. They set you up to win lane, and that sets you up to win the game.

In my experience, these summoners are superior to all other summoner spells for solo lane Tryndamere… Without a doubt. They are the core reason to why I’ve decided to make this guide, and I don’t believe anything else at this current juncture will yield more profitable results.

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