Tryndamere League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Tryndamere League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.


I’ve tried crit and I’ve tried AD and I’ve tried it all, honestly it all works.

Personally, I’ve finally landed on a “No-BS” rune page of ArP reds, AD quints, Armor yellows and MR blues, and I use this page every game now.

Q1imax uses the same page, the only difference being that he takes 6 ArP, and 3 flat AD reds.

As I said, almost anything works, be as creative as you like.


I take the same masteries every game, this never changes.

It’s very straightforward AD carry style masteries.

I’ve seen Chaox take Havoc instead of Vampirism on his ranged AD carries where a support is healing him but, but we’re taking the life steal because it’s too good and because sustain “Es Opie~”

Just run down the line of offense, nothing in the AD half of this tree will betray you as Tryndamere.

Utility for death timers and move speed is the world’s greatest thing ever. Nothing else is better, seriously. A bit of armor and HP will be outclassed all game by death timers and move speed. We still get our improved Heal however with Summoner’s Resolve, because that’s a major part of our trick.

The only thing you could even remotely argue would be a 24/6 or a 24/4/2 or something, where you take Havoc and some armor instead of the movespeed and death timers (Not worth it)

Skill order?

Why take Q Bloodlust first?

Well, it supports the entire idea.

You level Q Bloodlust, and you go attacking minions. You MUST hit level 2 first, and build your rage bar to full before level 2.

You will clear one full wave, and kill ONE more minion from the next wave, and hit level 2.

1 full wave + 1 minion = level 2.

At this time, you will level your Spinning Slash, and immediately E Spinning Slash onto them (I smartcast my E Spinning Slash) and try to land a crit or two. If they get in range of death from ignite, land your kill with the Ignite. If not, wait, zone, and if they try to farm, do it again and land the kill with Ignite.

If you get low HP, use Heal. I will often take 1-2 tower shots and use my ignite and Heal to safely land the kill with no strings attached.

I take one point in W Mocking Shout at level 4, chiefly for the slowing, and Power level my Q Bloodlust first, and then E Spinning Slash next.

Why? Because I killed them once at levels 2-4, and I intend to maximize my damage so I can continue to kill them again and again. They are behind me, I am strong, I’m not worried about their damage, I’m gonna be diving them in most instances (Unless jungle camps top, which he will learn do to) and that means lowering their damage is useless, since most of it will come from tower. Better to maximize damage and land more kills. A lower CD spin is safety in a sense as well.

If a lane were potentially threatening to me, I’d consider maxing W Mocking Shout, but due to the nature of what I am doing here with the goal being landing repeated kills on my opponent, maxing E Spinning Slash is much better when it comes to functionality, and smoothly landing kills, one after the other, with almost no chance of missing those necessary kills.

Because we use the Heal Summoner, we are safe to maximize our damage potential with our skills. Keep in mind that Spinning Slash has both offensive and defensive uses and as you level it up the CD lowers substantially. With enough crit, and a level 5 Spinning Slash you’ll essentially be spinning around constantly. It’s the best skill to max after your Q when using Heal and Ignite on Tryndamere.

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