Tryndamere League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Tryndamere League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.


Now as previously mentioned, I never did discuss in depth with Q1imax what items he used, but these builds are my personal answer to the thing I’ve come into contact with. They work, and they work very well.

My “bread and butter” build for Tryndamere is VERY simple. It is as follows.

Berserker’s Greaves.

Life steal item.


Infinity Edge.

That’s it. No too hard right? In fact, in most games I legitimately never even get the chance to finish I.E. They surrender at B.F. sword, generally speaking.

Note; If I have Berserker’s Greaves Vampiric Scepter Zeal – and B.F. sword complete, at this point I begin buying Green pots and keep them active for the duration of the match generally speaking.

What do I do when I’m against an annoying problem like Riven, Garen, or Renekton?

I kill them.

If I can’t kill them, snowball the lane and use my bread and butter build, well, we now have a problem.

LUCKILY, all 3 of these champions can be countered, and luckily, the same counter works for all 3.

Next buy your life steal, either Vampiric Scepter. DO NOT FINISH Wriggle’s Lantern!~!~!

In these lanes vrs Riven, Renekton, or Garen, IMMEDIATELY after your Vampiric Scepter, buy a Chain Vest, Berserker’s Greaves and then finish Atma’s Impaler against these opponents. What’s that? You think it’s inefficient to build Atma’s Impaler that early? *Sticks tongue out* NOT IN THESE LANES IT ISN’T. You shut down your opponent, you give Tryndamere MORE crit, and you add a little more AD into the mix. It is a counter purchase, designed to even further shut your lane down for a low price.

Build Zeal next or Wriggle’s Lantern here.

At this point, you may opt to finish Wriggle’s Lantern, the Zeal, or you may decide instead to build a Blood Thirster out of the Vamp, it’s up to you.

Get an Infinity Edge ASAP after the core items used, to shut down your opponents forever.

The 3rd build is really very simple.

It ends with a Blood Thirster for mega deeps.

Build 4 is self explanatory.

Do they have CC?

Bread and Butter build + Quiksilver sash. Gets the job done, cheap an effectively!

Build 5 is even more self explanatory.

Awww… Armor… Awwww… You bought 150+ armor to counter me in lane phase? Awww I bet that cost you like 3k gold, cute little thing.

*Buy Last Whisper early for 2k*

Optional Items?

Good optional item’s might include…

Frozen Mallet

Guardian Angel

Sword of the Occult

The Bloodthirster

Tiamat (No I’m not trolling you. Think about it… Just think about it)

Trinity Force

The Brutalizer

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

The Black Cleaver

Madred’s Bloodrazor

Executioner’s Calling

Stark’s Fervor

Spirit Visage

Now keep in mind these are not in the main builds for a reason, and I don’t generally recommend most of these items.

Tryn is fairly easy to understand. Make every crit count, and crit often.

Don’t get CC’d.

Damage and Quiksilver sash is all you need to build, but if you wanna get crazy, these are some items to consider anyway.

Play style of Heal Ignite Tryndamere?


Kill them at level 2 if you can. Or 3.

Kill them whenever they get desperate enough to try to get CS. Kill them.


Kill them, always and forever!

Don’t miss any CS, but kill them!

Once you’ve killed them, get some CS, base, and buy your Vampiric Scepter. BUY TWO WARDS AT THIS TIME.

No matter how many times you kill them, don’t break their tower yet. You want to become super man before you break that tower. Their tower is what’s protecting you and causing them to be vulnerable and lose a lot of CS when you either kill them or cause them to base.

DON’T BREAK THE TOWER and tell your jungler not to break it. If he ignores you, tell him not to come top anymore. Insult his family line, do something to make him go away. You are STRONKOMERE, you don’t need jungle ganks when you’re winning, maximize your win potential by having your jungler dominate the other lanes while you take care of yours.

When you are huge and feel capable of WINNING 1v2’s, and/or when mid tower falls, break top and seize control of the upper part of the map and their jungle. If you break tower too early, you’ll need to buy two-four wards, one at their blue and one at their jungle exit to baron to safe from potential ganks (Or one at red and one closer down to their AP, depending on which side you’re on. It’ harder for Blue side to ward top enough to be safe for pushing. Purple lane has the advantage vrs the blue solo lane all game long). If you wait for mid to fall, you can buy only one ward and place it at the lower corner of the bush at their blue buff to gain sight from all potential paths of entry.

If you choose to down top first, use that to your advantage. Go gank mid from time to time if you’re feeling strong and have your ulti, or go steal their jungle a bit. If you find a jungler in there, farm him as well! You’re a highly mobile champ with a strong slow and the ability to dive towers if the situation calls for it and the kill is there. If you do it correctly, and time where their jungler is, you can start to swing the game in your favor.

If you do it wrong, their jungler shows up right as you dive, and you die for free. Don’t be that guy. Use map awareness as one of your weapons, just as strong as your summoner skills.

You have to take some educated risks, because as a kill champion who can be shut down in team fights with CC, you’d prefer to win the game before the team fight phase ever comes around.

The type of player who sits back afraid and farms passively and sits back and never makes “Game winning plays” will never be truly successful in League. You have to be the aggressor, you have to be the play maker. You have to be one step ahead of your opponent, and try to get your team on the same page.

That is the fine line that separates Bad players from Average players, Average players from Good players, and Good players from Great players. What kinds of plays do you make each game to win your game? You can have all the CS in the world and group in all the right places and it does not mean ****, and it means even less when you play a kill thirsty champion like Tryndamere. You have to make the plays that win the game to be a great player.

Those plays are different with every champion. Cho for example, flashing and landing a nice pop up on retreating opponents at minute 30-40 can mean towers, inhibs, and a free Baron. With Tryndamere, making plays means driving your opponent into the ground, and getting 10 kills by the end of lane phase. All the best Tryndamere players are hyper aggressive and get lots of kills. That doesn’t happen on accident.

Intelligent aggression wins games!

Landing kills.

Landing kills in lane phase earns your team three important advantages.

1; Gold in your pocket

2; Your opponent is not farming or getting kills during this entire time that they are dead and returning to lane

3; Map presence. Any time your team has more players active on the map, you have an advantage. Any time your team has less players active on the map, that is time spent at a disadvantage, meaning less objective control, less gold income, less map control in general.

Due to those 3 factors, if you can successfully land consecutive kills, you’re literally winning the game bit by bit just by crushing one lane. Focus will be shifted towards top lane, and if they don’t react in time, you will be big enough that their attempts to shut you down will be unsuccessful or even backfire. I will be ganked after a kill or two, and result in killing 1-2 of them often using this strategy.

Be careful about lvl 2-4 ganks, but once you have ulti, the whole name of the game changes.

This is why landing kills is so effective, it effectively accomplishes the three most desirable goals of lane phase.

Gold income for your team.

Shutting down their solo lane’s gold and experience.

Map control and therefore objective. (They can’t get dragon if they’re trying to get the Tryndamere. The Tryndamere that their solo lane cannot fight 1v1 even under tower.)

Match ups?

This is the ironic joy here…

Tryndamere does have counters, and he does lose some lanes.

Ryze and Olaf for example beat Tryndamere.

However, with Heal and Ignite, you get to break the rules. With enough early aggression, you can even win those lanes using Heal and Ignite if you land an early kill, which sets you up to win lane and thusly the game.

Learn your dangerous match ups, play them wisely, and you can win almost any lane using this set up properly. If there are any free lose match ups I will list them in the future, but so far I have never lost even so much as a lane due to a bad match up. (I have lost ONE lane using this strategy, and it was because a Lee Sin camped me top + Pantheon in lane. Yikes. I almost killed them both at level 2 though, it would have been a very different game… P.S, we still won because I just left my lane and started killing all the other lanes. I forced our jungler to hold my lane because he didn’t want to lose our base, and made a big mess of things roaming around… Both sides died OFTEN, but I got a good 5-6 kills doing that and was able to get a few killing sprees, slowed the progression of a few champs, helped some of my weak team catch up, and accrued enough damage to swing our fights in our favor. It was a strange example of abandoning the meta to potentially get results in a certain bad situation, and it worked.)

As far as I know right now, Ryze and Olaf are bad for Tryndamere, and people tell me Malphite is bad as well, but I’ll have to run it more. So far, I tend to just kill them early and it’s not an issue.

Questions? Suggestions?

Please ask me!

If it’s a question worth asking, the answer might find it’s way into the guide!

By asking questions, everyone benefits, you from my answer, and me from improving my guide.

By offering suggestions, you give me the opportunity to improve the guide and give others the information that they need.

Rogue downvoting, without expressing your thoughts or reasons, benefits nobody. You are entitled to the option to do so, and I won’t lose sleep over it, but it is non beneficial. If you see an issue with the guide, comment about it so everyone can see your concern and we can discuss the issue, so everyone (Myself included) come out with the most accurate information.

I view myself, and my readers, as a team. We are all working together to get the information out, and thusly, I am happy to spend the time answering as many questions as you can ask me. Check my track record in my guides, I answer all questions asked eventually ;P

DuffTime Guarantee!

I know this build works, I’ve tested it in over 50 match ups in custom games, with some good players (And some bad ones) and played over 50 games and never lost a match with Tryndamere using this style and taking the solo lane.

I welcome all comers who would like to run a lane match up, I’m always eager to find out if a champion loses a lane!

The lay out is simple, we run a short custom game lane match up, to see who feels stronger in the lane and then I add this information into my guide after the results are taken. In my Olaf guide this resulted in a couple 1700-1900 players coming forward to test things, and my Olaf stood strong in all the matches, just as I anticipate my Tryndamere will stand strong too.

If you have a legit counter to Tryndamere, please PM me so we can run the match up and improve the accuracy of this guide! All champions have counters, I am just waiting for them to be shown to me so we can share this info with the future guide readers!

Thanks, and enjoy!

Hopefully you’ve learned and benefited from this guide and the information presented, and feel free to leave your thoughts in either PM’s or in the comments section!

Special thanks to Q1imax for the inspiration and the core idea, he’s the mastermind behind this, this is only my version of what he originally did!

I will continue to update this guide over time as I receive feedback for it.

I look forward to your thoughts, although I’ve tested extensively all the options available, and the perspective of a high Elo player, and bring to you what I truly believe to be the best options!

Cheers and good luck getting the pre-six kills with Heal and Ignite Tryndamere! :)

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