Why Call of Duty Games Suck

Title says it all.

Call of duty games suck because of these reasons, that I have listed.

1. They are way overpriced. The game itself usually stays at 50-60$ for months before it goes down. Sometimes years. 
2. A new one comes out every year. Seriously… Why have a game every year? That’s ruining the game series. When it comes to games you have two things… Quantity and Quality. COD games seem to like this formula:
Have 10 shit maps, shit overpowered guns, and special forces soldiers who cannot run longer then 10 seconds, and then put them in close quarters areas, with shit spawn spots and upload 8 – 16 people to the game and then let them do an objective that noone follows because the multiplayer community is shit. Which leads me to…
3. They choose quantity over quality. The quality of cod games is not very good. You will get lag on about 1/5 games you play, the campaign is very short, and the multiplayer is a bit too repetitive. In multiplayer you will be bored after 2nd or 3rd prestige. 4. The multiplayer community sucks. Almost all (80-90%) of COD players are very VERY rude. Not to mention the age of some of them. While playing COD you will either be stuck with 30+ Year old angry men, or 8-12 Year old children. But ages don’t matter in COD because both swear, all the time. Both rage when killed, all the time. And both say their team is trash and complains the entire match, because THEY arent winning. Seriously… It is a team game where you’re supposed to work together to complete the objective. Why play when everyone is an asshole?
5. Campaigns are too short. If you buy games for campaigns, and not multiplayer (which sucks in cod anyway) you’ll be very disappointed, because COD campaigns last about 4-7 hours. Of course you could play it over for achievments and whatnot… But is it really worth it?

This list will be updated when I have more time.

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