Wolfquest Two – Survival of The Pack

WolfQust episode 2, Survival of the Pack, is a game that educates you about wolf life. (Images found in article are mine)

WolfQuest – Survival of the Pack

Wolfquest – Survival of the Pack is the second game in the free downloadable WolfQuest series, made by Eduweb. The game comes with the old version, Amethyst Mountain Deluxe, and the new game, Slough Creek.
The original version (2.0.0) was released January 1rst 2010. Updates are still to come.

General game information
WolfQuest is developed to teach children about the living ways of the wolf. In WolfQuest, you have the possibility to explore, hunt, fight with stranger wolves, chase off bears, kill coyotes, and eventually establish a den and take care of your puppies. It is a very good children´s game, though there is some blood in it.

Basic control information
WolfQuest is playable on both Mac and Windows. You use your keyboard for most things, although it does contain some mouse control.

Things to see and do

You can explore two areas so far – Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek. Both areas have their own interesting spots and both different missions that you need to complete. I personally love the hills at Amethyst Mountain, and at Slough Creek the waters are very fun to be at. You might even just find some human traces in Slough Creek…
Amethyst Mountain plays in the season of Fall, so the ground is brownish yellow, and quite a few trees lost their leaves. Trees are pretty much all over the place, there are two ponds and you can roam through several forests.
The Slough Creek episode plays in Spring. The grounds are green, the creek itself is dividing the map into two parts.


Map of Slough Creek

You can also visit the cattle ranch, it is always night when you visit it. A big fence is surrounding a herd of cows, so you will have to leap over it to catch your meal.

You can hunt three kinds of animals in WolfQuest (two in Amethyst Mountain.) The hare, the elk, and a cow calf. The hare is very easy to kill and doesn’t fill well. Hares can be found everywhere through the game.
When you want to hunt an elk, you will have to go to the hunting grounds. Here, you must use your scenting ability to find the herd. As a wolf you should be able to find the weakest, so drop into a stalking crouch, sneak up to it and attack! The elk makes the perfect basic meal for a wolf, though it’s kicks hurt a lot.
As soon as you have got your pups in Slough Creek, you will have the ability to visit the cattle ranch. Here, one small calf is hiding, temptingly easy to kill for you, yet it fills up. The cows nor calf shall hurt you, but as soon as the dogs start barking, get out or you will get shot!

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  2. Hunter
    Posted February 12, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Im at the west den so how do u cross the river i cant find the shallow points in the river…

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    me too plz tell me!

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