Successful Builds for Black Ops

Some builds I use in Black Ops that usually give me around 25-3.

Black ops is a game of skill and more often about who has a better connection but no matter how good you may think you are, having the right set up can improve your game drastically. Here are some builds I use while playing the usually give me good results.


Famas w/ Red Dot Sight (I just find all of this to be the most comfortable for me)

CZ75 w/ Rapid Fire

Concussion Semtex Claymore

Ghost Sleight of Hand Ninja


Galil w/Silencer & Dual Mags (More ammo, faster reload and silenced)

CZ75 w/Extended Mags (So you don’t need to reload as often)

Concussion Frag Claymore

Hardline Warlord Ninja


Any Assault Rifle w/Grenade Launcher (Fire on the objective to kill enemys)

China Lake (Same as above)

Flashbang Frag C4

Flak Jacket Sleight of Hand Marathon (Flak jacket to prevent the same thing happening to you)

I am currently about to finish my 8th prestige and have a lot of play time so I know what I’m talking about, hopefully this will aid some players and make the game more fun for them. Enjoy!

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