Surviving High School: Football Star Week Eight (Dating Beth) Walkthrough Part 8/8 [Final]

This is Surviving High School: Football Star Week Eight (Dating Beth) Walkthrough Part 8/8 [Final]. The choices chosen are the best for future outcomes and gaining friends. I hope you enjoyed the game and will eventually visit again for more walkthroughs!

Missed part 7? Click here to view it. or Click here to view part 1.



Notes: For quiz answers, scroll down to the bottom of this article.


  1. Pass all final exams.
  2. Note: Trick to find all the answers for the questions in time, is to pause the game when it states the question and look for that question’s answer below.


*No events*


  1. Are you with us? -> You can count on me.
  2. Pass badger mini-game. (Popularity Up)


*No events*


  1. Win football game. (Try your best to make sure Wilson High doesn’t score a touch down – wait until all options show and if a block or a turnover comes up, click it immediately. If they don’t show up, choose the option with the minimum yardage. Try getting a tie and when overtime comes, try to get the final touchdown. This is the hardest football game – use your first move to go as far as you can so they can’t score a touchdown so early in the game. Patience is key.)
  2. Pass dance mini-game.
  3. Hey. Are you the kid that requested GangstaBot? -> You bet! And I hope they play it again.

Congratulations on finishing the game! If you followed all options you should have been able to win all the football games, get the car, and win Beth’s heart, AND become homecoming king.


Find the quiz group and search the answers below.


1. Shakespeare wrote in…. -> Iambic pentameter.
2. Which of these is a book by John Steinbeck? -> The Grapes of Wrath
3. The Scarlet Letter was the letter…. -> A
4. What is Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” classified as? -> A
5. Who wrote The Great Gatsby? -> F. Scott Fitzgerald.
6. What does Pride and Prejudice end with? -> A marriage proposal.
7. Who was one of the original three musketeers? -> Aramis.
8. What is Odysseus trying to do in the Odyssey? -> Return to Ithaca.
9. What is Jane Eyre’s occupation? -> Governess.
10. Which of these is a synonym of the word “ephemeral”? -> Transient
11. What are the names of the two main characters in Of Mice and Men? ->
George and Lennie.
12. Which of these is a character in The Canterbury Tales? -> The Knight.
13. What pen name did Emily Bronte write under? —–> Ellis Bell.
14. Who is the main character in 1984? -> Winston Smith.
15. In “Wuthering Heights,” where do the Earnshaws live?
-> Wuthering Heights.

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