Survivor One World: Women Gang Up on Troyzan

Nine contestants remain in the game.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Night 23: Nine contestants return to their camp. Troyzan worries that the women will vote him out next. He is a nervous wreck, scrambling to make alliances. He chats with Christina, trying to make an alliance with her. The other women freak out, and they start to argue with him, which pisses him off. They are trying to alienate him, like an outsider, until they vote him out.

Day 24: Troyzan confronts Chelsea. She just acts rude and arrogant.

Day 25: Tree Mail announces the Survivor auction, where each contestant gets a Survivor-style wallet that contains $500 cash. They go to the Reward Challenge, where Jeff explains the rules, which includes they can’t pool money or share food. He uncovers the first tray to reveal three doughnuts and a glass of iced coffee. Chelsea buys it for $160. The next tray has tortilla chips, guacamole sauce, and a glass of icy Margarita. Sabrina buys it for $400. The next tray has a protein shake and two bananas. Leif buys it for $100. The next surprise is a Survivor-style shower, shampoo, and toothbrush and toothpaste. Kym buys it for $40. The next tray has BLT sandwich, chips and a glass of ice tea. Kat buys it for $180. The next tray has a large bowl of peanut butter and two chocolate bars sticking out of it. As Kym showers, she buys it for $240. She then wraps a towel around her body before walking out of the shower to take her food. The next surprise is a letter from their family. Alicia buys her letter for $500. Tarzan also buys his letter from his family for $500. The next surprise is an “advantage in the next immunity challenge.” Troyzan is desperate for an idol. So, he buys it for $420. I think Christina quit bidding, and let Troyzan have the note. Kym, Chelsea, Kat and Sabrina are pissed off at Christina because she didn’t go all the way and buy it. The next item is covered as well as it has a note attached to it. Kat buys it for $160. Jeff uncovers the tray to reveal a white cake with strawberries on top. She reads the note aloud, which states that she bought this cake for the entire tribe to eat, and they all have to eat it in sixty seconds. They each grab a piece of the cake, with their hands, like starving savages, and they shove it into their mouth.

Back at the campsite, the women carefully watch Troyzan walking around with his note and searching for the hidden idol. The women conspire to take him down, as they quietly follow him around, hoping to find the idol before he does.

Day 26: Immunity Challenge. Jeff asks Troyzan to read his note, which states that he will skip the first round and only play in the second round. They each have to undo a knotted rope, run up crates, bounce coconuts on a net, which then bounces towards plates. They need to break all three plates. Tarzan, Kym, Christina and Troyzan play in the second round. Then, Troyzan and Tarzan make it to the final round. They have to throw coconuts towards plates on a tic tac toe game, where they must make three in a row. It is a very close game, but Troyzan wins immunity. The women become nasty with him, pissed off that they can’t take him out.

Back at the campsite, everyone is quiet. Kym and Chelsea discuss who to take out, whether Christina, Leif or Tarzan. Troyzan works Leif, Tarzan, Christina and Alicia to take out Kym. Alicia considers going top two with Troyzan.

Night 26: The nine contestants arrive at tribal council. The Jury enters. The women argue with Troyzan, mostly Kym, Sabrina, Kat, and Chelsea because of their paranoia. Troyzan works to convince them to take out Kym. When they vote, Troyzan writes Kym’s name and Chelsea writes Leif’s name. Jeff counts the votes, and Tarzan gets three votes, Kym gets two votes, and Leif gets four votes. Leif is the tenth person voted out as well as the fourth person on the Jury.

Eight people remain.

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