Terraria 1.02 Full Download no surveys

If your here to get Terraria keep reading.

Thank you for viewing my article, as promised here is Terraria:

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DJ62KNZP – Link Broken, but look below.

My Buddy emailed me a new link for Terraria, He uploaded it himself. I ran a virus scan just to be sure and it’s clean. Here you go – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L69TKOH8

This download is clean. I scanned it for viruses and nothing came up. Includes versions 1.00 and 1.02 (current) and has setup instructions. Make sure you check this page often as I will soon post instructions for online gameplay here. As well as new Terraria updates. Thanks for reading, but remember the most important rule here. Have fun.

Keep reading if you are wondering why version 1.00 is included. I simply added it because someone might want to see what they are like in comparison (Like me with certain games.) If you have never played this before, jump in on version 1.02. It has a lot of bug fixes, changes and performance tweaks. Be warned, this game is extremely addicting, excessive gameplay may be harmful. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them.

Edit- New link only has v.1.02 but I doubt any of you played version 1.00 anyway ;) the uploader included a backup .exe in case the default one doesn’t work. it worked for me but he said some people couldn’t get it to open so a secondary (optional) exe was included.

Warning: I did not upload these nor have I had a virus issue with them. If you believe there is a virus, let me know quickly and I will temporarily remove the link and upload Terraria myself.

Happy gaming!

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