Terraria Download! Free! Working Multiplayer/single Player!

Tarraria download [Working Online]

If you are into Minecraft, you will love Terraria. I wouldnt call it the same thing, but its the same idea, only way different. Its 2d instead of 3d like minecraft. Different weapons/world/everything is different which is great.

To download and install Terraria without buying it, you will need to download it from HERE.

After you visit the website, click the download button.

After you have downloaded it, extract it using a program called winrar

You will need to install the framework file, and the XNA file which the link in be found in the “HOW TO INSTALL” image

after you got those things installed, click the install .exe and click extract which will extract all the files needed.

Then just run the game and enjoy =].

Here is a video on how to install it if you have any problems.

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